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The other day I was looking at 529’s, a saving vehicle for child’s future education. The dizzying array of choices offered there are completely mind boggling, what with each state offering at least 2-3 plans for a total of 100+ 529 plans and not to mention it’s complexities and other intricate details. This is true not only in the Finance world, but also in the field of Automotive, Beauty, Grocery, Mortgage, Electronics etc. Hundreds of brands, thousands of products each company competing in the niche market trying to lure the customer in shelling out green bucks.

 In this fast paced technologically advanced world a consumer needs to make diligent planning and through research to make intelligent decisions and get the best bang for the buck. It seems ironic that even though consumer is considered a King in this society, the plethora of choices can leave him even more confused and the feeling of not being in charge. Technology gets outdated so fast as well, here today gone tomorrow and the “most happening thing of today” suddenly becomes a thing of the past. 

Whatever happened to simpler times that we lived years ago? Didn’t we have a life without these complex choices? Why do we have to do so much research to buy stuff like TV, vacuum cleaners?  

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  1. Laavanya says:

    I totally agree. I get stumped with all the investment vehicles, each with a different tax advantage and restrictions on taking money out and what it is used for. I feel so lost at times and worry if I’ve made the right decisions!

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