Arrgh! It is Wednesday morning and it is not enough that you are going through a mid-week crisis, but so many things don’t seem to fall in place anymore. All those lowly things that you didn’t think of much earlier seem to develop a mind of their own. 

  • First it is those Tupperware containers. Overnight the lids seem to develop a dislike for the containers and decide to part ways and disappear. Come Wednesday morning and you find yourself with 5 containers but NO lids. Go figure!

  • The weighing scale, the less said the better. I always suspect that it thinks that it is a calculator….. a mean calculator to be precise. The moment somebody stands on it, it decides to add up some extra 10 or 15 lbs, just to show off its mathematical skills.

  • Next it is those darn socks. Why is it that I can never find coordinated socks together?  Surely whoever thought of “Birds of same feather flock together” were not thinking of the socks.

  • Now it’s the toddler’s turn, he wants to wear a soiled green shirt with a red pant. It is good that he is thinking, but explaining color coordination to him is way over the top.

  •  Just when you think, you are done dealing with all issues the car key disappears. They were bored and decided to have some fun by playing hide and seek. Never mind the fact that you are annoyed and not amused at all. 

Dear Saturday, I hope I was not mean to you last week. But do you think, you can come to visit me soon?

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