Zucchini Cabbage Subji/ Palya

Cabbage is my all time favorite vegetable. I have a personal list of top 10 vegetables and many vegetables keep falling off of the list and some crawl into the list. But not cabbage, cabbage is my number 1 favorite all season long. The other new found love is Zucchini and I like the combination of Zucchini and Cabbage. I enjoy this best with warm Rotis/ phulkas and cannot get enough of it.



3 cups of shredded cabbage (use the readily available Cole Slaw package from the super market)
1 medium Zucchini
1 small onion
Chilli powder, turmeric
Curry leaves
Jeera, mustard, salt, oil
Coriander leaves for garnishing


  •  Dice onions and cabbage and keep aside. If using the pre-cut Cole Slaw, then dice only the onions.
  • Wash Zucchini thoroughly and cut it into inch strips along with the skin.


  • Heat a non-stick pan, and then add oil, jeera, mustard, curry leaves.
  •  Next add the dice onions and sauté for a while and immediately add the cut zucchini pieces.
  • After this is done add the shredded cabbage and sauté for a little bit more.
  • Add salt, turmeric and little chilli powder and keep stirring.
  • Sprinkle more water if necessary and keep this covered on low flame. Stir in between so that it does not stick to the bottom.
  • Garnish with corriander leaves.
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  1. maria says:

    I love your blog! recipes are fantastic and i love your comments, so personal, warm and informative. I love learning about your favorite foods and the culture that comes with it!
    Keep it up!

  2. redchillies says:

    Thanks Suma. Please do try it.

    Thanks as always Asha.

    thanks Rajitha.

    Thanks Jyothi. Hope you get a chance to try.

    Thanks Roopa. You are right, Zucchini is not so common.

    thanks Padma.

    thanks Maria. It means a lot to me.
    thanks Nags.

    Thanks Madhavi. Hope you get a chance to try it soon.

  3. RedChillies says:


    Yes Coleslaw available in the US groceries are made from cababge ( white and purple) and also has little carrot in it. It is already shredded and hence you do not have to chop it.

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