I know, I know. There are at least 478219 versions of these fritters available on the internet, blogosphere, food websites, forums etc each offering their own version of making them. Each narrating their story, memory behind the preparation and tips for making it crispier and tastier.

So why do you add one more to the list and how do you know the exact count, you ask?Well, for one there is never a bad time to eat this. Come rain or shine, anytime is a good time for this. Eat it as is, with tea or coffee, with food, one can never go wrong with this. It is one of those guilty pleasures, a cool finger food, so one can walk around eating it or one can eat it in front of TV and double the pleasure. Oh, as far as the count is concerned it is a made up number and sheer exaggeration as you might have already guessed :-)




  1. 1 cup gram flour / besan

  2. 1 small ridge gourd

  3. 1 small capsicum/ bell pepper

  4. ½ tsp asafetida

  5. ¼ tsp baking soda

  6. 2 tsps chilli powder

  7. Turmeric, jeera /cumin seeds

  8. Oil for deep frying

  9. Salt to taste


  • Chop the Ridge gourd into 1 inch disks.

  • Cut the capsicum into long bite sized strips.

  • Mix the gram flour along with salt, jeera, chilli powder, turmeric, asafetida, baking soda with water.

  • Taste to make sure the batter is correct.


  • Heat oil in a thick bottomed pan and put oil to deep fry.

  • Check to make sure that the oil has reached the correct temperature, by putting in small amount of batter

  • If there is a sound of a sizzle that means the oil is ready.

  • Dip each veggie in the besan batter, making sure it is evenly coated and then drop it in the oil.

  • Remove from oil, when done and continue the above for the remaining veggies as well.

 NOTE: The bhajjis can be made ahead of time and before offering just place it in the oven for about 5-10 minutes on 250 F and they become warm and crisp again.  


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