Nostalgic Moments…. Simpler Times

One of our favorite pastime is watching some old 80’s and 90’s Hindi, Kannada songs, or an old movie snippet on YouTube. Both me and Dear Husband are from Bangalore and we share similar backgrounds be it in terms of food, school, friends, movies, Bangalore city etc. Even though our choice and taste of songs do not resonate, we still enjoy the moments of those good old days. Listening to old songs brings back fleeting memories, whereas visually looking at the song streams through old memories and helps gush out those warm, comforting time of our lives. 

Never mind the political, economical impact YouTube is having on the mainstream media, for us it is a time machine that has enabled us to virtually re-live the moments we had may be 10-15 years ago.

 Invariably after viewing the old songs we have an outburst of conversation about the movie, the plot, the actors, restaurants, family, friends etc. It is a blissful feeling to discuss and share those warm cherished feelings with a loved one.  However at the end of it all there are two observations that we usually make: 

  • The ever spirited affirmation that time flies so fast and that we are growing old too soon.
  • The inevitable feeling that those were such good old days with happier and simpler times.

Aane Wala Pal: GolMaal

Maine Tere Liye Hi Saath Raang : Anand

 When I look at these old songs, the first thing that strikes to me is the simplicity and the down to earth themes. There is this aura of naturalness be it the story or the actors and it is so easy to relate to them. Everything seemed to go with the flow and there is nothing artificial, brazen or over-the-top.

  The more I think about these times the more I get transported down the memory lane. With regards to the entertainment like television, radio etc we did not have many choices. There was only one channel for years called Doordarshan, and that was not a 24 hour channel either. Yet we waited with baited breath to watch Chitrahaar and serials like Hum Log, Buniyaad, Nukkad, the weekend movie etc. Cable television and internet was nowhere in the picture and even buying a TV Remote seemed like a waste of money.  

Was life really happier then the way it appears now? It’s hard to tell and cannot conclude for sure. It might be easy to think of it that way because those were the times in the past that are long gone or maybe because we were carefree kids at that time with no real responsibility of the worldly affairs. But whatever it is, it is a wonderful feeling living in the realms of nostalgia albeit a small time.

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  1. Asha says:

    I love and have a extensive collection of 50s, 60s, 70s old Hindi songs and few wonderful Kannada (Mayura, Bahaddur Gandu etc :D) songs CDs! Love to hear them, and I hate all the “new”, hip, mixed songs. Yuck!!
    After Rak Kumar died, I bought few movie DVDs like “Harishchandra” and “Gandhadagudi”, songs DVD like “Madhura Kshana” at Nehaflix. Love it!:)
    Thanks for the links RC.

  2. Ray says:

    “Good old days,happier and simpler times”- I agree completely.

    I used to watch all those… I remember a few more- Khandaan, Wagle Ki Duniya, Air hostess, Trishna (on Sundays), Famous Five, Flop show, Ek Kahani, Yeh Jo Hain Zindagi etc. Wow! It’s been ages since I even thought of these…

    Love that song from Golmal, BTW 🙂

  3. ruchii says:

    Those were the days RC, I used wait for hindi movies and chitrahara. We used to get so excited to watch ramayana and Mahabarath.
    Now I can’t stop singing ‘Aane wala pal’ :). Thanks for bringing those memories back.

  4. redchillies says:

    I agree Asha and I can sense your excitement. I love all those old, melody songs. You are one enthusiastic person 🙂

    Aww thanks so much Srivalli. So glad you liked it. It means so much to me.

    Right on Ray. Those were the day eh? Even I remember each one of those. Flop Show and Yeh jo hai Zindagi were a riot right? Loved Trishna also. Do you rememeber Rajani?

    Thanks MAdhu. I rememeber Ramayan Mahabharath too. Such good days right?

  5. redchillies says:

    Thanks Uma.

    Thanks Ramya. Phew! I love going back on memory rides.

    Ooh yay apla! Malgudi Days was my favorite too. Thanks for reminding me that.

    thanks Saswati. Warm welcome and so glad you liked it.

  6. lathanarasimhan says:

    Nice post RC!:) In 80s the number of serials was limited. and the story was always short and ended someday! 😀 Now a days the serials are never ending! Except for ramayan and mahabharat, I wonder if any other serial is so widely watched! Now having a TV at home seems to be a waste! :))

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