Microwave Wheat Ladoos (Churmundo, Churma Laddu)

With buildings, retail stores, restaurants, homes, palm trees sprawled on either side of the road the drive pretty much seemed the usual. The weather seemed perfect not too hot or too cold and the visitors scrambled along trying to make the most of this beautiful day.  As we drove along the road for 5 more miles the dearth of the stores, homes, and people reduced while we saw big mounds of white sand with patches of dead moss and grass strewn all over. 

 It was still nothing out of the ordinary until we parked the car on one of the beach access roads. And then there it was! We saw with baited breath the much awaited and anticipated sight of the trip. Calm, mighty, pristine deep Blue Ocean with beautiful white waves right in front of us. This beach was so much different from the others, no scores of people, construction or tall buildings in sight just waves and occasional grazing pelicans. It was nature at its best and so far away from the human touch. It was a world away from the ordinary.

wheat_ladoo 014

We sat on the beach in serenity gazing at the water, waves and the pelicans. The little one played in the sand to his hearts content. He must have been surprised with this type of freedom as he did not hear even one word of warning about playing in the sand from either of his parents. The rumbling in the stomach reminded us that we had been sitting there for hours. I could not help but think of my mother’s wheat ladoos ‘churmundo’ looking at the texture and color of the whitish-brown sand.

Even though I had never tried making this the traditional way, I got the idea of making them using Tee’s easy way for Besan Ladoo. Thanks Tee for sharing this and making our lives so much easier.

 Need I say more that I did try the recipe after we got back home and have been very pleased with the results? However I had tad bit of difficulty making them into perfect round shape.


  • ¾ cup wheatflour
  • 1/4 cup besan/gram flour
  • 1/4 cup ghee
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/2 tsp cardamom powder


  •  In a microwave safe bowl, put the ghee and microwave until it is melted.

  • Mix in the Wheat flour and Besan and stir thoroughly. Microwave for 4 minutes stirring every one minute, removing any lumps and changing the position of the container.

  • The flour will change to dark color and have a toasted aroma. Allow it to cool.

  • After it is cooled, add cardamom powder along with sugar. Run hands through the mixture multiple times, to remove any lumps and even out the flour.

  •  Knead well to mix and shape into laddoos. This makes about 10 of them.

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  1. Asha says:

    I love sitting and staring at the waves for hrs! We almost always get the Ocean front suites and go to sleep listening to the sound of waves! We do have the best beaches in NC if I can say so myself!:D
    Wheat Laddoo and MW! I am making it!

  2. Mansi says:

    This does sound like a nice recipe RC, but somehow I tend to prefer my mom’s laborious churma ladoos better:) but thanks for sharing an incredible m/w recipe!

  3. Dhivya says:

    You jus made me yearn for beach now 🙁

    But I am amazed at what everyone whips out with their M/W amazing! Now I want the ladoos too 🙁

  4. sunita says:

    RC, we too love uncluttered beaches …there are a couple of them nearby and it’s simply wonderful…the peace and tranquility while the waves lash against the shore is so soothing…see, I’m getting carried away…those are yummy laddoos.

  5. Padma says:

    Whole wheat Ladoor sound so healthy to me and making them in M/w is incredible…. it was lovely reading ur post, I to love beaches and watching the waves as I am from the coastline in India

  6. Seema says:

    This sounds so nice.. sound of waves… I love it!! Remember building castles out of sand & digging tunnels.. chilhood memories always to cherish!
    Churmundo in MW sounds great.. will try it out. But i always made it the traditional way! My kids love it! I have my version on my blog too 🙂

  7. RedChillies says:

    Thanks Asha, tell me about it. I am still not able to get over the vacation, the beach, ocean etc.

    Thanks Mansi. I agree, there is no substitute for Mom’s recipe. But I Am too lazy to do the hard way.

    thanks Dhivya.

    Thanks Sunita. I am so with you. I love uncluttered beaches.

  8. RedChillies says:

    Thanks Raaga, try it once and you may like it.

    thanks Bindiya.

    Thanks Seema. Let me check out your version too.

    thanks Remya.

    Thanks Ramya. Maybe you can try it once.

  9. PJ says:

    Hi Supriya,I made this ladoo for hubby’s b’day today[and posted it in my blog too ;)].It was so easy and very delicious.We loved it.Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe 🙂

  10. valli says:

    Hi.. I tried this wheat ladoo today and it tasted really good. My two picky eaters liked it very much. Thanks for sharing this recipe which is awesome and that takes no time to prepare.

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