Non-food: Rush Hour Mornings, Traffic jams and Murphy’s Law

You know Murphy’s LawWhatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way” (Source:Wiki). Now this adage fits the Rush hour mornings and Traffic jams like a glove. It is the same old story of traffic jam, but a new twist is thrown in every morning to keep things from getting dull and boring.  

Who says that only PMS and in-laws can set you in a bad mood?

 Monday: The coveted weekend is over and you are in a grouchy mood already. It does not help that you have a meeting to attend first thing in the morning. And lo behold you are stuck in a jam because of an accident ahead involving 3 cars. The jam almost 5 mile long is so bad that you are grinding your teeth but still have the nerve to do a Physics calculation and dramatically conclude that you could reach the office faster if you jumped off the car and ran instead of going at 5 miles/hour in the car. 

Tuesday: As usual you discover that the traffic is moving at 15 miles/hour. You inch along, and on the way expect to catch a glimpse of the accident that created that huge hold-up. Surprise! 45 minutes and 8 miles later everything is clean as a whistle and there is no trace of accident what so ever. You are boiling with anger but manage to reach office and blurt out your frustration to a colleague who lovingly explains “The major accident was on the west side and not on the east side on which you were travelling. The jam on your side was caused because of the on-looker delay and once you were past that accident site the traffic eased”. Duh! Try explaining that to the scrupulous Boss who is now getting highly suspicious of your professionalism. 

Wednesday: You somehow manage to get over the Wednesday Morning Blues and hit the road when you discover that an 18 wheeler has overturned on the free way dumping fuel all along, so the freeway and the ramp leading to it are completely closed. Next thing you know, you are driving on some unknown roads loosing the sense of direction, going around in circles and before you know it you reach work 1:30 hour late.  

Thursday: OK, no surprises this morning, before you know it you are stuck in a traffic jam and it’s a Déjà vu all over again. The right lane 3 mile ahead is blocked and has rippled back to another 3 mile causing snarls and frustration amongst commuters. And not it was not an accident thank you it was Road work! Dear Construction Workers, we love and admire the work that you do for us, but ever heard of doing the work at non-peak hours? 

Friday: To start off you are cruising along and can hardly believe it. You even pinch yourself just to be sure.  Moments later you realize you have jinxed yourself and the inevitable happens. And the reason this time? A stalled car in the middle of nowhere. You want to tear your hair in frustration, but manage to coax yourself into chanting “TGIF…… TGIF …… TGIF”

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  1. Seema says:

    Thats so true! Things happen only when your in a hurry….Why i wonder at times ? I usually have a slow driver in front of me, when i am in a hurry & trying to reach an appointment on time…Already you r late, plus kids trouble & are at their worst behaviour & tempers are flying every where…..Oh! My God we all go through this….Some time or the other….Thats Reality of Life 🙂

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