Arusuvai: Broken Wheat, Coconut Ladoo (Dalia Coconut Laddoo)

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The “Arusuvai Friendship Chain” was started by Latha and Lakshmi at The Yum Blog along with Bharathy of Spicy Chilly and Bhags of Crazy Curry. Latha from “Masala Magic” continued the Arusuvai friendship chain in USA. Thanks to you all for this wonderful idea.

 The Arusuvai Friendship Chain is all about sending a surprise food ingredient to friends so that they can prepare something tasty with it, share the recipe and pass on the surprise ingredient to other people. 

Thanks Seema for thinking about me and sending me this “Surprise Ingredient”.  Seema had sent this to me promptly almost a month ago, in fact at the right time to participate in Sunita’s Think Spice… Think Star Anise Event. But I was not able to blog about this as the camera was not at my disposal and I was mainly working off of my draft section (err, that is a valid excuse isn’t it?). Sorry about the delay Seema. But I do have to mention that it was a very special and warm feeling opening the packet and the fine aroma of the surprise ingredient “Star Anise” that filled the room was just heavenly. 

I was excited as I have/had never used Start Anise in my cooking before and so I dutifully googled for some recipes over the internet. I was looking for something that was sweet, easy, did not involve baking and had some Indian touch to it. But unfortunately did not find anything appealing and so came up with this idea of making laddos. 

Please let me know if anybody is interested and I can send over the ingredient to them.star_anise red2


  • 1 cup shredded coconut (fresh/frozen)

  • 1/4 cup broken wheat

  • ½ cup sweetened condensed milk

  • ½ tsp star anise powder (substitute with cardamom powder if not available)


  • Soak the broken wheat in enough water for about 1-2 hours.

  •  Drain the water completely and spread it over some paper or cloth so that the remaining water content is gone.

  • In a heavy bottom pan, on a very low flame first add the coconut and stir until it gets toasted and a wonderful aroma of the coconut fills in.

  • Be very careful as the coconut gets browned very easily.

  • Next add the condensed milk and broken wheat and mix well.

  •  Continue to mix for about 10-15 minutes until the mixture almost dries up.

  • Add the star anise powder and allow to cool. Take a handful of the mixture each time and shape into laddos.

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  1. sia says:

    i was never fond of coconut laddus while growing up. even now i try very hard! but ur pics r too tempting ones RC..

  2. RedChillies says:

    Thanks Cham. It was a great feeling to receive the “star” and so it deserved to be on the top.

    Thanks Sia. Me on the other hand I am a die hard fan of anything sweet and love coconut laddos. Maybe you can add more of the broken wheat and try.

    Thanks Jayasree. Atleast it is a bit ‘healthy’ that way 🙂

    Jee, thanks Sunita. I will go through the link. So sweet of you.

    Thanks Jayashree. Please do give it a try by adding broken wheat to the laddos.

    Thanks so much Nithu. Glad you liked it.

  3. Bharathy says:

    anybody???thenwhy don’ t you send your ing to me…along with those yummy ladoos 😉
    Glad to see arusuvai spreading well inyour place

  4. mallugirl says:

    very luscious looking laddoos. Broken wheat would be an excellent base for the star anise flavor!

  5. redchillies says:

    Jeez, thanks Bee, you are so sweet for letting me know. I am so glad you liked it.

    Thanks Hima.

    Thanks Manasi.

    Thanks Bharathy. Sure. Please check your mail 🙂 Thanks for starting this girl.

    Thanks Mansi. Yes, star anise adds unique flavor to the laddos.

  6. lathanarasimhan says:

    Nice recipe redchillie!! I am amazed at the way Arusuvai has taken off in the US!! 🙂 Almost everyday there is a arusuvai recipe posted some where by some one!!Though I am busy with some other work, I login atleast once to see these wonderful arusuvai recipes!! :))

  7. Seema says:

    Hi Rc – Some hoe missed this post of yours & seeing it nly today! These ladoos look amazing….Broken wheat & coconut combo – something like our Kichidi right? Looks yum, condensed milk will add a great taste & anise bring out that perfect flavour….Good one RC. Hey! No need to say sorry for the delay – Its just a fun cooking event in Blog world, ach one does it as time permits… 🙂

    Am i getting laddoos for sending the ingredient?

  8. Nisha says:

    Hi! Thanks for this recipe. Looks great for tiffin item while travelling. Can you specify the shelf life at room temperature for this laddoo.

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