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The nutritional benefit of Barley is enormous. I have heard so much about this grain that is hard to ignore its health benefits. I wanted to document some of its health benefits in this post and refereed to this link here.  I looked at it for about 2 minutes and I could already feel my head spin. It is as if nature has created a wonder-grain for us and it is waiting for us to take advantage of it.

 I have highlighted some of the benefits mentioned in the link from that website.

  • Barley’s Fiber can be used to lower Cholesterol & Intestinal Protection
  • Additional Protection Against Atherosclerosis
  • Significant Cardiovascular Benefits for Postmenopausal Women
  • Barley and Other Whole Grains Substantially Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Barley Can Help Prevent Gallstones
  • Whole Grains Highly Protective against Childhood Asthma
  • Lignans Protect against Cancers and Heart Disease
  • Development and Repair of Body Tissue

I got this recipe from my MIL few days ago, it is very easy to prepare and I have been making this ever since. I sometimes even carry barley powder to work and prepare this drink using hot water and salt.


1 cup whole barley (use barley flour if that is available)
Ginger (optional)


1. If using the whole barley, then lightly roast it on low flame until it turns very light brown. Keep aside to cool and then make fine powder out of this.
2. If using the readily available barley flour then skip step 1.
3. Take 2 cups of water and bring it to a boil. Add 2 tsps of barley powder, salt and let it come to a roaring boil. Stir frequently as it tends to develop lumps.
4. Allow it to cool, add pepper powder and optionally ginger.
5. This can be served hot or cold and can be stored in the fridge for 1-2 days.

Sangeeth has kindly reminded me that I can send this for her Eat Healthy Event. So off this goes to her event.

Small_RC_notesStill Hungry?

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  1. Sukanya says:

    That was a nice and innovating recipe. Barley Drink looks so good. Nice click!!. That was very useful reading the health benefits of barley.

  2. Madhuram says:

    Very good recipe. I think my husband would love this too.

    Thanks for the mention, but I also got the info. from Jai and Bee’s blog only.

  3. Maheswari says:

    Loved this one.My mom makes this similar way , but adding ginger is new.I guess that would bring extra flavour.How about using dry ginger..will that be good?

  4. Madhu says:

    Really healthy I like barley drink, but make it very rearly. Its easy way to make powder and then add it.
    I also squeese little lime juice, tates great.

  5. RedChillies says:

    thanks Sukanya, so glad you liked it.

    Thanks Madhu for the great ideas about barley. That was very useful.

    Hey Trupti, very neat idea. I love ajwain and using it will surely enhance the flavor.

    thanks Maheshwari. to be very frank I have never used dried ginger. I always have fresh ginger on hand and I use that. But I am sure you can use a pinch of dried ginger and that should be fine too.

    thanks Swathi. I know, but when you look at it it is mind boggling.

  6. RedChillies says:

    thanks Sushma.

    thanks Asha. Please do give it a try.

    thanks Sunita.

    thanks Uma.

    thanks Bee

    thanks Dee. Hope you give it a try.

    Thanks Madhu.

  7. shibani says:

    Hi RC, nice drink,looks delicious. I have never tried barley before now I am sure I would not miss the chance.Thanks for sharing.

  8. Sangeeth says:

    Hi, this is first time in ur blog and u have a great blog. lovely template and ur pics are soo cool.Btw barley drink is great,. you can send this to my eat healthy event if u want!

  9. Thierry says:

    Where do you get these types of foods in the FT Worth, TX area?

    Barley is available in the Indian groceries. i have also seen this at Sprouts

  10. Pauline says:

    Can i know how to make the barley flour for making mask purpose from the whole barley because we do not have the barley flour here available.

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