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Not so long ago we had one of those lazy weekends where we did not feel like cooking much , did not feel like going to restaurant either and just lazed around, made just plain rice and simple daal. But then when hunger struck us we were left drooling and thinking of different possibilities, options and more yummy stuff to munch along with the plain food.

Dear Husband (DH): “Wish we had a simple lemon pickle at least and that would have kicked up a notch of this plain food. We need to make it next time and keep it handy”.

Dear Wife(DW):”Bah, easier said than done… making a pickle is a pain staking process, it is not like making Thokku or the Crisps, you first need to prep them, add the seasonings, make the masala, put in load full of oil, baby sit it….blah blah”.DH: “Ah! None of the above, it is easy and the taste is out of this world”.DW:” Let me not sugar coat this. This will not work; you are way too hungry to think correctly

DH:”Just watch what I do and you will be surprised. Are you ready? 

  • Ingredients
  • 10-15 lemons/limes (make sure that the skin is not very thick)
  • Salt
  • 4-5 green chillies (depending on spice level, add more or less per taste)


Day 1:

  • Wash the lemons and wipe them thoroughly. Make sure there is no water on the skin.
  • Cut them into small bite sized cubes.
  • Take an air tight container and place one layer of diced lemons, slit green chillies at the bottom and top it with a teaspoon of salt. 
  • Next place another layer of diced lemons and add spread around teaspoon of salt. Continue until all the diced lemons are finished. Shake well and close the lid.

Day 2-7:

  • Shake it once everyday and make sure you do not open the lid.
  • After about a week or so, the juice from the lemon begins to gets thick and juicy. The mixture blends well and the taste is neither salty nor spicy.
  • Day 10: Ready to eat !

     This is a very simple yet tasty pickle and goes very well with Daal rice, yogurt rice etc.This is my contribution to AFAM:Lemon an event hosted by EC at Simple Indian Food Easy Cooking Blog.

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