Baked Potato Cubes

 Of the many things that I enjoyed in my new kitchen were the microwave and the conventional oven. The microwave was new to me; I had heard about it but never seen it or used it before. I had seen an oven before, but not such big ones and ones that were an integral part of the cooking range and the kitchen. Everything seemed to have a place, the microwave at the top, the stove top in the middle and the oven at the bottom. The kitchens with high cabinets, fridge, and dish washer looked so retro and hip. Of course, this was almost a decade ago when I was a new bride, in a new country and surrounded by new people. We were in Boston back then. 

It took me time to use the new tools, but I enjoyed using them. In fact, cakes or cookies were not the first things I learnt to bake in the oven. This was way before we had blogs or other good cooking websites. Had there been blogs back then maybe I would have learnt to bake right awayJ.




Anyway the first thing I learnt in baking was these “Baked Potato Cubes”. I learnt from my husband. He had eaten it at a restaurant and liked the taste. So we tried baking it at home and enjoyed the simplicity yet flavorful taste of the potatoes. I have been making it ever since, and we never get tired with the taste. Sometimes I also make Oven Baked Potato Basil Fries and they are a slight variation of this version. In fact, the later version is easier for the little ones to eat.



This is my contribution to the Event- Just For You hosted by Alka at Sindhi Rasoi.


My version of “Baked Potato Cubes” consists of using potatoes, cutting them into cubes (along with the skin), seasoning them with salt, chilli powder and then baking them in the oven. 




  • 2-3 medium red potatoes (any potato is fine)
  • Turmeric powder(optional)
  • Chilli powder
  • Salt to taste
  • Any other seasoning of choice (rosemary/basil/garlic salt etc)
  • Oil



  • Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.
  • Wash the potatoes thoroughly and cut into cubes and keep aside. I retain the skin of the potato, but that is optional.
  • Take a big baking pan and line it with aluminum foil.  Grease it with a spoonful of oil and spread it around evenly or coat with nonstick cooking spray. This prevents the potato from sticking to the foil while baking.
  • Place the cut potatoes in the pan. (Make sure that the potatoes are spread out and form a single layer).
  • Add oil, salt, turmeric, chilli powder and coat the potatoes evenly. Add more oil if necessary.
  • Bake for about 30 minutes and after that open the oven and turn the potatoes with the spatula so that the other side is exposed.
  • Bake for another 15 minutes or so until it turns golden brown. (Keep checking at regular intervals, so that the potato does not turn black).
  • To get crispy potatoes, turn the oven to the broil mode. Broil on low for 5 minutes and the potatoes turn crispy.


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  1. indosungod says:

    Ooh They look so tasty. Enough to send me to my kitchen and baking right away. DH’s cousin asked me to boil the potates for a few minutes before baking to speed up the time.

  2. Rachel Cotterill says:

    Goodness, I can only begin to imagine how exciting a microwave & large oven must be if you didn’t grow up with them. I get over-excited enough abo0ut a new make of stove! 🙂

  3. Madhuram says:

    Our favorite is also potato roast but not baked in the oven. I found it in the vegweb blog and it comes out so good every time. First you have to cook the potato cubes in boiling water for 10-12 minutes. Then add a tablespoon of oil to a large frying pan. Add the potatoes, salt and seasoning and toss well. Cover the pan halfway with the lid and let the heat do the magic. After sometime remove the lid and toss it occassionally. It’s so crispy, especially the potat skins.

  4. Nithya says:

    Hey this one is my fav too….lovely one.I sprinkle parmesan cheesa on top of it.Serves good as a appetizer too.Urs looks wonderful…i’ve never used the broil option in the oven,thanks for the idea.Will do so the next time i make this.Lovely recipe:)

  5. Cham says:

    Oh my God is that the trivet or potato is catching my attention. Love both of them equally, hope u got in India!

  6. Alka says:

    I too am in a confused state rt now…i want to learn baking but am not sure whether the fizz will fade away after initial failed attempts or will i be able to learn real baking….so am still pondering over MW or conventional oven,coz i dont want to invest hubby’s hard earned money into something which i wont use after few trials and errors
    Anyways these potatoes are to die for,looks mind blowing and i can imagine the flavors without even tasting it 😉
    Thnks for a lovely entry,i am really happy to receive this!

  7. Happy Cook says:

    I can full agree with you, when i came here aftre getting married all these gadgets were so new to me, not to mention the supermarket, i was open mouthed seein shops were you can buy from salt to electonics and that too in same shop.
    This was more than 18 yreas ago.
    Love the crunchy potatoes, looks so super super delicious.

  8. Asha says:

    Beautiful! Looks like crispy croutons, love the baked and grilled veggies rather than boiled or cooked to death as we Indians do!

    Oh btw, could you add my “Foodie’s Hope” blog to your blog aggregater please. I tried y’day and it asks post title and script and what not. I gave up after a while! 😀

    Haryanvi thali at FH, check it out when you can.

  9. tbc says:

    The baked potato cubes look good but I just can’t take my eyes off your beautiful trivet. I love the colors!
    Is it from India?

  10. RedChillies says:

    Thank you all very much.

    Madhuram,thanks for the cool recipe. I will try it as well.

    Asha, thanks. I will add Foodie’s Hope to Food World.

    Thanks TBC, glad you liked it. The trivet is indeed from India and we got it from our recent trip.

  11. Sharmilee says:

    This looks yummy too…but am very much moved by ur pictures….Whats the cam u r using just inquisitive to knw 🙂

  12. Nithya says:

    Wow..this looks incredible.I make something similar to this but coat parmesan cheese on top of it.I’ve never used the broil option…this is new.will try this the next time.Great stuff!

  13. mahimaa says:

    hey good to see u blogging again.. gladto know you had fun. i love the background.. did u buy it this time in india? 🙂 potato cubes look great.

  14. redchillies says:

    Tahnks you all again for the kind words.

    Thanks Sharmilee. You have warmed me up. I use Canon Powershot I5 S5 to take my pictures.

  15. David G says:

    These came out awesome… I made them 4 days ago and am preheating oven now so I can take to work tomorrow. Didn’t use the Turmeric powder because my date was running on time. It was a hit! I broiled them for a couple of mins to make them crispy.

  16. mohan kodange says:

    Once you start eating them you just cant stop. Good comfort food if you are not watching your waistline.

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