Eggless Mango Cake


Used to be many moons ago that Bawarchi (an Indian website) was the information center for cooking needs, great recipe ideas and hundreds of recipe contributions. The design and layout of the site was simple, yet pleasing to the eye with no glaring images or advertisement, simple categories and it was very easy to look for recipes. The contributors would provide their email id’s and request for user feedback. So it was in a way very early stage of food blogging.


As a new bride in Boston, with very limited knowledge in cooking I used to visit this site often and try out different recipes. There could have been many more recipe related websites but Bawarchi was huge amongst our friend circle. We used to forward each other the links of the recipes that came out good, discuss them over the phone and thus expand our culinary skills. (Not to forget the phone calls to mothers and MIL’s back home!)


On one such escapade, I had found this easy, eggless recipe for Mango Cake. Bawarchi is now part of Sify and the recipe then moved here (Mango Cake). For a novice baker and cook I found this to be easy, effortless and but with delicious taste. The cake is soft and moist and the combination of mango pulp and cardamom is like a match made in heaven. The taste is more like Mango Suji Halwa/Mango Rava Kesari.


I have also tried this using banana instead of the mango with equally delicious results.  I am pretty sure this combination will work with other fruits as well. As the author has suggested this cake can be cut like burfi (diamond shapes) and that helps in easy serving. Even though the original recipe does not call for nuts, chopped walnuts and raisins enhance the taste of this cake.


Recipe Source: Here


  • 1 cup of Semolina/Rava/Sooji ( I used the fine variety)
  • 1 cup Mango pulp ( I used ready made Kesar Mango pulp for this/ even fresh mango pulp should be fine)
  • 1/2 cup Butter (melted)
  • 1/2 cup Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon Baking powder
  • ½ tsp ground cardamom(elaichi)
  • ¼ cup chopped walnuts, raisins(optional)

Some notes:

1) Please make sure that the mango pulp is thick and light yellow in color. I have seen that some brands of mango pulp are not thick and do not have good flavor and smell.
2) If you use a pulp that is not thick and if you find that the cake batter is not thick then let is stand aside for 20 minutes, until the mango pulp is absorbed by the semolina.
3) I found that if you place not-so-thick batter directly in the oven it takes a longer time to bake and then browns the cake. It does not get that beautiful, rich yellow color.

4) Place it in the middle rack while baking. 

  • Note: There is no need to roast the rava/sooji.
  • Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees.
  • Mix the Sooji(Rava) with sugar, cardamom, nuts(optional) and baking powder.  
  • Next add melted butter and mix well. Finally add the mango pulp and mix again. Let it sit for 10 minutes.
  • Place in the oven and bake for 30-35 minutes. Be careful and keep a close watch after 25 minutes.
  • Check with a fork to see if properly baked. If the knife comes out clean then remove immediately. If it is kept for a longer time, the cake will become hard especially on the top.
  • Allow to cool completely and then cut and serve.



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  1. Anu says:


    I made this cake and it was awesome. Thanks for posting easy recipes like these that can be put together in a jiffy. Keep up the good work. -Anu

  2. Mrs Jega says:


    I hv done eggless cakes using the cup. It did not
    turn out well. It wud be good to use the equivalent
    gms or oz

    I wud like to attend the eggless cake making n lear
    the various types of vegetarian cooking. Kindly
    inform me if there are any classes conducting this

  3. redchillies says:

    Hi Mrs. Jega. Thanks for the comment.
    I am not sure of the place in India, US or any place else you are looking for egless classes.

  4. Yojana says:


    This cake looks very yum.. Do you think I can use strawberries instead of mango pulp.. I have lots of fresh strawberries at home.. And id strawberries can be used , would you recommend any idea for making the pulp, would blending do?

    Also how long can this cake be stored and how?

  5. redchillies says:

    Thanks Yojana. I am sure that strawberries will go very well in this recipe. Blending the strawberries without adding any water should do the trick of making a pulp. I would think you will need more sugar because the strawberries have tartness to them.
    Good luck and let me know how this goes 🙂

  6. Sadaf says:

    The cake was delicious. It tasted so yummy when it was warm and fresh. But I want to try making this cake again, next time WITH flour. How much flour and eggs should I put?

  7. Lakshmi says:

    RC, I made this over the weekend and it came out very good. My 5 yr old pretty much did everything all by herself..yea it was that simple. Everyone at home loved it. Thx for the recipe.

    Thanks Lakshmi for trying this out and letting me know. Glad you like it. It is fun to work with kids isn’t it?

  8. Meenal says:

    hey, Lovely looking mago cake..! Nice presentation.I want to make this recipie soon.I have a ripe US style mango sitting in the pantry.Can i try this cake with that..? Or do u recommend only using Indian mango or canned mango pulp.Awaiting ur response.Thnks for ur gr8 recipies.

  9. redchillies says:

    Thanks Meenal for the warm comments. You can definitely make this cake with a ripe US styled mango. I ahve done that many times.
    Please remove the flesh of the mango and puree it. That will be your mango pulp. Also I suggest you check for sweetness after you are done making the mix and before you put it in the oven.If it tastes tart, then add little more sugar. Hope this helps. Let me know how it turns out 🙂

  10. Meenal says:

    Thank you so much for ur prompt reply.I will surely give it a try tomorrow..Just one more thing..i have the coarse upma rava in my kitchen.Hope that should work for the cake.Will surely let u know how the cake turned out.thnks again.happy cooking 🙂

  11. shweta says:

    hey hi,

    After looking at the moth started i could not tried this recipe immediately….and turned out very well….thx

  12. Pingback: raaaga
  13. Shyamala says:

    This is my friend Arathi’s recipe (she was the one who contributed it to Bawarchi many moons ago!)

    It looked very familiar as I eaten it at a common friends home.. It is absolutely delicious.. and your pictures do it complete justice.. I thought it would be nice to gave her credit for the recipe… hence my comment!

  14. renuka says:

    I was just wondering –what keeps the sooji from crumbling ? Will it hold together without eggs?
    This reminds me of the “”delicious” corn cake that the restaurant “”CHICHI’S” used to have —it was made from cornflour—it was soooooooo delicious–to bad they went out of business h

  15. redchillies says:

    Renuka, the sooji holds very well in this cake without the eggs. In fact I have had good success with sooji cakes both sweet as well as savory ones.

  16. PBhat says:

    I made this cake yesterday and turned out very nice. I just felt that there was one thing that could have turned out better. The sooji texture was like as if it was not cooked completely. It was kinda gritty. I baked it for 23 minutes because the fork that i inserted at that point came out clean. And also the sides were starting to brown up and therefore i had to take it out. The batter also sat for 10 minutes before i put it in for baking. If you could please tell me as to what could have gone wrong, i’d appreciate it. Oh, btw..since I did not have 1 entire cup of mango puree, i pureed a banana also and since I didn’t have enough sugar, i added a little bit of honey.

  17. redchillies says:

    Hi PB, thanks for trying this out and letting me know the feedback.
    One thing that is important is the mango pulp should be thick and when you mix the pulp with the sooji, it has to be thick like idli batter.
    If you feel that the batter is too liquidy then let the batter sit for a longer time before putting it in the oven. This way the semolina absorbs most of the liquid.If you put the liquidy batter to bake, it takes a longer time and begins to brown soon.

    Also I am not sure how adding banana pulp and honey with effect this.I have tried only with banana with good results. Hope you get to try this again with good results 🙂

  18. Asmita says:

    Thanks for this very easy recipe!!

    I tried it many times, even with increased proportions. taste is like mango sheera but here good part is it saves time for rava roasting.

  19. Kiran says:


    Is this recipe good for kids..have kids had it and enjoyed it? I need a good recipe for my daughter’s school for Diwali and this sounds great! can I make it a day ahead and stick it in the refrigerator? How many will it serve? You also did not say what cake container sizes to use?


  20. redchillies says:

    Kiran, it depends on the kid’s taste. My 5 year old prefers the regular all purpose flour with icing etc over this semolina cake. Frankly he did not like this much. The adults like it though more so as it has the taste of kesari/kesari bhat/ sheera. This is good for potlucks and parties. Be careful while baking this as if is bakes even a little bit more, it wil burn and ruin the taste.

  21. Meenu says:

    Thank you for that wonderful recipe. Gave me something to surprise my mom with on her b’day. It was very tasty. My cake didn’t come out properly though, broke in the middle. Wonder whether I pre-heated for too long. How much time do I need to pre-heat?

    Anyway, loved it. Thanks a ton.

  22. redchillies says:

    Thanks so much Meenu, belated wishes to your mom.

    I usually pre-heat until the oven reaches the set temperature. I wonder if the cake pan was too close to the top?

  23. Sandhya says:

    Thanks for the great recipe.The first time I made this,it was perfect except it had browned a bit despite me keeping a hawk eye.Also I made in a 8×8 inch pan,so it turned out more like burfis than cake slices.

    So this time I made with 1.5 cups of rava in the same pan,hoping for taller cake.Followed all the same steps(incl making sure that the rava had soaked up the mango pulp) but the cake is a bit uncooked in the center and browned on the outside.I baked at 375 for 25 min.

    Where did I go wrong? What temp to use when making with more than 1 cup rava?Should I have used a bigger pan?How do I avoid browning?
    Please help

  24. RedChillies says:

    Hi Sandhya, thanks for trying and the feedback. I wonder if 25 minutes is not enough hence it remianed uncooked in the middle. I would think 30 minutes would be an ideal time if you increase the quantity of rava. Hope this helps.

  25. Sandhya says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply but I removed it at 25 minutes since it was starting to brown. Have u ever tried with more than one cup rava? If so,what size pan did u use?

  26. redchillies says:

    Hi Sandhya, I have frankly not tried with more than one cup rava. For the 1 cup rava I had used a lof pan. How about using a rectangular bake pan (not a bread or loaf pan), that way it spreads around. ? But then it will be more like burfi than cake.
    Also another thing is that hope that you baked this by keeping it in the middle rack in the oven? If you place it on the top, it will be too close to the heating system. Good luck and thanks for all the comments and patience.

  27. Sandhya says:

    Thank you so much for ur response-I guess these prompt responses are especially what sets ur blog apart from the rest..:) I had made it in the middle rack of the oven but as u had suggested,I will use another pan to try the recipe. Thanks once again.

  28. Sharmilee says:

    RC, Know what I saw this pic of mango cake in a local sweet stall in my area…..Not knowing that this is cake…they have put up this pic on their sweet stall board he he. Will try to click it when I go there 🙂

  29. RedChillies says:

    Thanks Sharmi for keeping a watch and letting me know. Do send me a picture if you capture it 🙂

    You know, we had a similar experience when we went to India last time. WE had been to a lassi stall in Jayanagar, Bangalore and I was shocked to see my Shrikhand picture on their board. We asked the cashier and he said that it was their picture blah blah…unfortunately we were not able to take any action. I mean whom do we fight with?

  30. Sharmilee says:

    Sure will capture when I go there next time…Yeah we cant fight with them..instead just feel proud about it and pass it on 🙂

  31. Binitha says:

    the cake looks tempting…have to try it before the mangoes vanish…
    do check my space when time permits


  32. smitha says:


    Nice and simple recipe. I would like to try baking this in the microwave. Any idea how much time this would take?


  33. redchillies says:

    Hi Smitha,

    Sorry I have not tried this in a microwave to give you suggestions. But I think that with sooji/rava (unlike maida/ AP flour) in a microwave it might become hard very easily.

  34. Shobha says:

    Hi RC,
    I want to try this recipe & wanted to ask if i can make this cake without using the oven?? i mean can you let me know if this can be cooked in pressure cooker..? If


  35. Bhavani says:

    Hi RC,

    The cake lookks Yumm!!!! I do not have an Oven at home. Can i make it in pressure cooker? If Yes please let me know how long do i need to keep it in the cooker.


  36. RedChillies says:

    Hi Bhavani, Shobha

    I have not tried this in the pressure cooker only (tried with only oven), but I will try this pretty soon in the cooker and let you know.

  37. Rita says:

    HI, loved your mango cake -lovely texture. My kids loved it. Next i must try your microwave carrot laddoo.

  38. Veda says:

    Hi…this cake looks yummy,,,definitely will try it this weekend. Just wanted to know which size baking pan should I use? Thanks

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