Orange Pekoe Ice Tea


Summer is here and it just showsJ. The temperature here has climbed to the upper 90’s (F) and it is hot and sultry both inside and outside. We were blessed with unexpected rains during the middle of the week, which provided some relief, but this weekend it is going to be just HOT. What better way to quench thirst than with some cool and refreshing ice tea? Much better than the sodas or the sugary fruit juices.


Now Dear Husband (DH) is a huge fan of ice tea and has a wide range of tea collection. One of his weekend activities during summer is to pull out one tea variety and brew a big pot of it. He then tops it off with ice, fruit juices, lime, mint etc.  This is a cool and refreshing way to beat the summer heat.


This Orange Pekoe has a mild black tea taste with hint of orange flavor to it. I liked it more when honey and hint of orange juice was added to this tea. There is no recipe as such for this, just a guideline.




    • 2 Orange Pekoe Tea Bags
    • Lemon/lime
    • Honey
    • Orange juice (optional)
    • 16 ounces water
    • Mint leaves(optional) ( I did not have mint leaves while making this) 

  • Boil cold water and allow the tea bags to brew. When brewed remove the tea bags. Allow this to cool. Refrigerate to chill.
  • While serving add ice cubes to the glass, pour in the chilled tea, lemon juice, honey and some mint leaves.


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  1. Uma says:

    Please pass me atleast one glass of that delicious tea!! You’re tempting me too much 🙂 Gorgeous presentation!!

  2. rekha says:

    oh looks so refreshing perfect summer drink.Thank you so much for the support in my blog. I gave a complaint to blogger they replayed that they are investigating. Thanks once again

  3. parita says:

    Personally m not a big fan of ice tea but i do love the tangy orange flavor..looks refreshing and perfect for summers

  4. Soma says:

    This is gooood! we have been practically living on juice & water & fruits this weekend:-) Can you believe the heat? not looking forward to whats to come. I would like mine with honey too & yes mint would have been awesome!

  5. SuperChef says:

    soo refreshing. Even i love making iced teas from scratch using various regular flavoured teas that you get. I recently made a mange iced tea and it was awesome!

  6. nithya says:

    Love it.I remember u telling that u were from bangalore,am i right? If yes,have u tried “infinitea” in cunnigham road.they serve the best teas…urs reminded me of their teas.Felt nostalgic with fond memories associated with that place.Thanks for sharing!

  7. Vani says:

    Beautiful pic there, RC! Until last week, we still needed comforters and the heat was still on at nights! We got a glimpse of summer over the weekend though. Hoping it stays on now 🙂

  8. RedChillies says:

    Thank you all for the warm comments.

    Dear Asha, thanks for the pictures, hope you have recovered now. Our Congratulations to Trisha. Proud moment indeed.

    Nithya, I am indeed from Bangalore. I recollected and I think I have not been to that place on Cunningham ROad. DH on the other hand, remembered it and said he used to love it!

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