Kids Lunchbox: Potato Quesadilla/ Chapathi Wedges

chapathi_wedge 006

Even though I call these Quesadillas, these wedges do not have a good amount of cheese the way traditional quesadilla has. The reason? The kiddo in the house does not like cheese. He likes the chapathis/tortillas, potatoes but not cheese, hence the other name Chapathi Wedges. Have I mentioned that he does not like pizza or ice-cream either (gasp!)?  Given his fluctuations in tastes let’s see how long this lasts though. 

Speaking of the kid, he keeps us entertained with his mischievous antics, funny and innocent talk. I have some of his funny talk here, I digress, so feel free to skip this and head straight to the recipe. 

Smart Alec self

  • “Do not wake me up in the morning, as my teacher told me that I am allergic to waking up”.
  • “Next Friday when I was sick, you take me to school. That’s not fair”. 

Un-bashful self

  • After missing school for a couple of days “Pappa, I have to go to school other wise my friends will miss me”
  • He was recently moved to the bigger class (4-5 year olds) and his joy knew no bounds. Upon his insistence we had to share the good news with everybody; Star Bucks baristas, grocery cashiers, librarian, truck drivers etc. No, not to policemen as a certain someone is scared of them 🙂

chapathi_wedge 016

Filled with ‘Gyaan’ self: 

  •  “If you remove the brain from your head, you will become a skeleton”.
  • “Now I am four years, when I become hundred and tall I will be able to touch the sky”.
  • “If you remove your ribs, then you will become a floppy bag”.

Innocent self: 

  • For my birthday can you give an iron man toy as a surprise?”
  • For his school musical, I had to search hi-low to find white shorts (not off-white, mind you strict rules from the school). Frustrated I went to the girls section and found some cute white shorts that matched the criteria. Alarmed at the thought of wearing pink and white he said “Amma, if I wear this, people will think that I am a girl”.

 OK, moving on to the recipe the things that I have to keep in mind while packing his lunch is not adding nuts (peanuts included), the lunch item does not get soggy or become hard after a while and most important of all, it has to be kid appealing. 

I had ideas of making quesadillas for lunch, but did not know how the cheese would stay after 2-3 hours of preparation. So when I googled for some ideas, I saw this recipe at ISG’s and loved the idea of adding potatoes along with cheese. The cheese used is just enough to glue the potato filling to the wrap; hence the taste of cheese is not felt at all. The taste of this reminded me of our very own Aloo Paratha.

chapathi_wedge 010

Recipe Source: Adapted from here


  • 2 wheat tortillas/ chapathis
  • Potato filling/sabji (use any potato filling of choice)
  • 2 Tbsp shredded cheese (I used 2% sharp cheddar) [add more depending on taste]
  • Oil 

Notes: The recipe as is could not be any simpler, however few things to keep in mind: 

  • Do not roast the chapathis/tortillas on high for long time, else they will become hard and it does not taste good if stored in the lunchbox.
  • Use any filling of choice. I have posted a similar recipe here with filling of onion and spinach.
  • I use only little cheese to help ‘glue’ the filling to the chapathi/tortilla. Go ahead and use more, if you like. 


  • Heat up a tava/girdle on medium and place the chapathis or tortillas.
  • When cooked on both sides, place a spoonful of prepared Sabji on one half on the chapathi, sprinkle cheese around the edges.
  • Note: Depending on taste, feel free to add more cheese.
  • Close the chapathi using the other half into a semi-circle shape. Cook on both sides for about 10 secs. Peek to see if the cheese has melted.
  • Pull it off the tava/girdle and cut into wedges. Pack in lunch box. Tastes good with some ketchup.
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  1. Aparna says:

    Oh Ur kiddo is so so sweet…… They r so innocent that they never think of speaking openly…. nd he doesn like pizza??? ice cream??? Oh my!!! he is missing something big :D…. but yeh lets see till when…. Nd these luk so nice 🙂

  2. Cilantro says:

    He is so sweet…“For my birthday can you give an iron man toy as a surprise?”is the best. I admire his innocence. Lovely lovely click.

  3. indosungod says:

    RC, DH is a cutie. They do show how simple life is after all.

    Was it kid approved? I like using whole wheat chapatis with a dab of ghee on both sides, more than tortillas because they don’t get soggy or hard as the tortillas tend to do.

    The kiddo loved it and thank you for the same. Like the idea of adding a dab of ghee, I am sure he will like it more.

  4. Asha says:

    Haha!! Cute boy, they are so enjoyable at that age. Then they grow up and ask you “what or how much do I inherit?!” ;D

    Lovely idea for school lunch, looks delicious, you can pack it for me too!!!

    Have a great weekend, see you next week.

  5. Lakshmi says:

    So cute…dont you love every moment of their innocent talks…its great you remembered and wrote them down. One day when hes all grown-up he’ll enjoying reading them as well.
    The potato quesadillas look real kid appetizing. bookmarked!

  6. Sharmilee says:

    Ur kiddo is tooo sweet Supriya….I just adore him 🙂
    No icecreams, pizza or even cheese tats soo nice he is growing healthy I’l say 😉 The bluey picture is too gud….I just luv it that I am seeing it again and again.
    Lastly the chapathi wedges idea is very nice…will have to try it on my lil once she grows up 🙂 U r adding my bookmark list…..coming up next in my blog is one from ur space…watch out!

    Thanks so much Sharmi, cannot wait to see your next recipe; will keep a tab on you.

  7. CurryLeaf says:

    Ha Ha,I too am going through similar situation RC.Love the quesadillas.I prefer cheeseless or reduced amt of cheese in mine thgh my DD wants more.

  8. Soma says:

    One of the best post ever Supriya .. What a beautiful way to record. I think I should write things down too. I wonder what will have to say when he grows up read this 😉

    Here is one from mine: (Sorry to hog your space) – DD2 called her grandma a hippopotamus.. we gaped when she said that and her reason is that at hippopotamus is a vegetarian just like “Dadisa” .

    Taarena does not like quesadillas (tho I cannot imagine a kid not liking pizza!! ), and I think these potato wedges will work great for her.

  9. Magdalena says:

    Nice post, and the food for children even nicer. My two years old daughter prefers, however, to be hungry than to eat. At the age of 18 months she started to refuse food (before that, she was eating various cereals, vegetables, meat, fish). Now here favorite food is milk, milk and banana – in my worst dreams I did not suspect such a failure. It is a total disaster, I experiment with various dishes for her, but we always hear “no. no, and no”.

  10. A&N` says:

    Your kid is a riot! 😀 How do you keep sane?

    But what a dish for the lunch boxes! I bet other kids in school beg to taste some!

  11. Kish says:

    Does chapati gets soggy? I am worried about that.
    Also could you please suggest more dry vegetables to go in there of carrots or something?
    That would be helpful.
    Thanks in advance

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