Banana Mango Milkshake

This Banana Mango Milkshake is an easy, delicious and filling drink. Not only does it have a cooling effect, but provides good nutrition as well. This is also a good way of using up any extra ripe mangoes and or bananas.

The kiddo has been showing some interest in milkshakes and so it is giving me an opportunity to try some healthy fruit combinations. Plus we bought a new Magic Bullet blender courtesy CSN stores and these shakes, juices, smoothies give me an opportunity to try it on the new blender.

The ingredients here are just for reference. It can be changed based on the sweetness of the mangoes and also how thick one prefers the drink to be. Adding mango-ice-cream makes this drink rich but is optional. I added the mango ice-cream as the taste of banana overpowers that on mango, so the ice-cream balances the taste and flavor.


  • 1 ripe mango chopped (peeled & deseeded)
  • 1 ripe banana (chopped into chunks)
  • 1 scoop mango ice-cream
  • ¼ tsp cardamom powder (optional)/ pinch of cinnamon powder
  • 2 cups milk


  • First blend together chunks of banana and mango so that there are no lumps.
  • Next add milk, cardamom powder, mango ice cream, and blend till smooth.
  • Pour into cups and top with ice as required. Chill out!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Mixed Greens Stir Fry/ Soppina Palya

We get good varieties of greens all year around in our grocery and I end up buying at least two different types every week. The green leafy vegetables have a high nutritional value and are extremely rich in antioxidants, good source of iron and calcium. The only problem is that they have a small shelf life and need to be used up pretty fast.

This recipe comes handy when lots of greens need to be used. Also this is a quick fix recipe and does not require too much babysitting. The time consuming part however is the thorough cleaning of the greens. Remember that the greens while cooking wilt easily and hence cook faster.

In Kannada greens are referred to as ‘Soppu”. It is a generic term and could refer to any type of greens like spinach, kale, Malabar spinach, fenugreek etc and “palya” means dry fry. You can use any greens that you like for this recipe. This pairs well with Rotis and Rice as well.


  • 1/2  cup chana daal/Bengal gram daal
  • 4 cups of packed greens ( I used spinach leaves + Kale leaves+ collard greens) cleaned & chopped [use any greens of choice]
  • 2-3 green chillies (slit)
  • ½ cup chopped onion
  • 1 tomato ( chopped)
  • 1 tsp grated ginger
  • 2-3 garlic  pods (peeled & crushed )
  • Salt to taste
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • ¼ cup shredded coconut (optional)
  • 1/2 tsp mustard seeds
  • 2-3 Curry leaves


  • Wash the chaan daal in enough water and soak it for about 1-2 hours. After that cook it on the stove with water, making sure there is still a bite to it.
  • Take a large pan and heat some oil. Add mustard seeds and when it splutters add the curry leaves, green chillies, grated ginger and crushed garlic.
  •  After the garlic has turned light brown add the chopped onion and cook. Stir in the chopped tomato, salt and cook.
  • Add the chopped greens and stir frequently. The greens wilt pretty fast and do not take long time to cook. Add the cooked chana daal and salt and stir again.
  • Finally add the juice of lemon and the shredded coconut. 

This serves as a great accompaniment with rotis and or daal rice. 


Dosa Recipes / Dosa Varieties

I had announced the Dosa Month @ RedChillies in the month of March, and during that month I had posted only Dosa (Indian savory  pancakes)recipes. To us Dosa +chutney is comfort, go to food and we love Dosas of any type. I did not get the opportunity to post all the Dosas recipes that I had planned for this event. Being the ardent Dosa lover, I am pretty sure I will be doing another Dosa month soon, so please stay tuned for that.

OK, now for the roundup. Sorry for the delay in posting the roundup. Of course there are excuses but nothing out of the ordinary. While I would have loved to elaborate and say that I was busy with work, or taking care of home, the kid or that I was preparing for a marathon was vacationing in the Bahamas. But no, it is an earthly and simple excuse.  

dosa varieties dosa recipes

While I am fine posting a regular recipe post, I am too lazy to post an event roundup. There I said it and I feel much better. First I need to copy the link, hyperlink them, compile them, categorize them, and format them. Phew! It is way too much work. Hats off to the bloggers to do this on a regular basis.

Thanks to all the fellow food bloggers who loved the idea and participated in the event. I appreciate your enthusiasm and the contributions. All the contributions by bloggers have been linked and their names mentioned.

Anyway, back to the Dosa recipes. While compiling the recipes that I had posted for the event, I thought why not compile and include my older Dosa recipes as well? After all they belong to the Dosa category and also it is a great help and easy to find if all the recipes are in one place.

Without any further ado here are the Dosa recipes and I have categorized them accordingly. Hope you enjoy them!

Soaking Grinding and Fermenting

 Soaking and Grinding (no fermenting) 


Instant Dosas 


Instant Rotti/bhakri varieties (variation of Dosas)