Diwali Snacks: Masala Peanuts

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Masala Peanuts is a very easy snack to make and that too with simple ingredients on hand. These can be made anytime of the year and not just during Diwali. They are crunchy, spicy and will be gone in no time. This is a great treat when it is cloudy and rainy or while watching movies, with tea and just plain snacking.

Note: Off late I have not been visiting other blogs or commenting as much as I used to earlier and the reason for that is I have forcefully reduced the amount of time I spend in front of the laptop.

Lately I have been experiencing some headaches and backaches (nothing serious) and so as a precautionary measure I plan to scale down my laptop time. At work I inevitably spend at least 8-9 hours in front of the computer in a day, so the only other option is to give up the luxury at home. I intend to continue with the 1-2 posts per week that I usually do here but with shorter content. I hope my fellow bloggers and readers will understand and continue on with their support. Thanks.

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Diwali Treats: Chivda

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You know the expression “”time flies” and it could not be true at the moment for us. Today morning as I sat around sipping my tea, I thought of the turn of events that happened to us in the past 2 months. There we were (what seemed like few days ago) in late August preparing to go to India and busy with the packing, shopping etc and then as if in a blink we are here almost at the end of October ready to welcome winter.

And before we know it, we will be bidding farewell to this year and then welcoming the New Year. Darn! Somehow I am not ready for this year to end, I wish it stays but it does not matter, does it?

The same thing applies to the plethora of festivals that came and went by. I remember waiting for the Ganapathi festival, as we would be celebrating with our family in Bangalore. The last time we celebrated it together was maybe 8-9 years ago. Anyway, now that is gone and so also Dasara. The only remaining major festival for this year is Diwali and hopefully we make the best of it.

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Konkani Patholi/ Arasina Yele Kadabu/ Sweet Dumpling Steamed in Turmeric Leaves Step by Step Recipe

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Patholi (in Konkani) is a traditional dessert made during festivals or special occasions. Dumpling made of rice flour is stuffed with coconut jaggery mixture and steamed in turmeric eaves. The key component while making this are the special turmeric leaves. The flavor of the turmeric leaf is infused into the patholi while it is steaming, giving the dish a flavorful aroma.  

As I understand it is referred to as Hoorulu kadabu or Arasina Yele kadabu in Kannada and Ilayada in Malayalam. This is not to be confused with the crumbled daal curry referred to as Patoli or Usli in South Indian homes.

Kadabu/patholi is considered a favorite of Lord Ganapathi and it is therefore prepared that day along with plethora of other delicious traditional items.  

This special dish was prepared when we were in India (of course). We landed on the day of Gowri/ Ganesha Pooja celebrations and got to be part of the festivities. Imagine the joy in our hearts that day! We not only got to see our parents and family, we got to be part of a festival and of course most importantly we got to eat foods that are not available here or difficult to make here.

I know this is a long recipe and the process is time consuming as well. First the coconut mixture needs to be prepared, followed by rice flour dough. This needs to be applied to turmeric leaves and then steamed. But trust me the effort is worth every bit of it. The taste and the heavenly aroma when you bite into it is totally indescribable.

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