Instant Sweet Appe/Paniyaram/Paddu

banana_paniyaram 005

There is something fun and exciting about Road Trips isn’t it? Just the thought itself gives me a warm feeling, good enough to drive away those blues! We had been on a Road trip recently for few days and it was good change for us to get away from the grind. 

Now what is road trip without good stuff to eat, right? Being a foodie it is not unusual for me to pack lots of stuff to munch and crunch along the way. So I packed the some junk stuff like store brought chips, cakes, chivdas, murukkus, chaklis etc. As if that were not enough I made this quick and easy Sweet Banana Appe to take along. Forget about those depressing things like dieting or calories as even they can take a break and go fish 🙂 

OK you sense my excitement here, but let me make it clear, that these Appes are not loaded, but the other stuff that I mentioned before really are! The word Appe (Konkani cooking word) is also referred to as “Ponganalu/Paniyaram/Uniyappam/Paddu in different Indian languages and is cooked in a special skillet called Aebleskiver pan. To see how the Aebleskiver pan/skillet looks like check here

As I have said before, I made this for our trip, but then I did not have enough time to take bunch of pictures, but I did manage to get couple of pictures though. Any more pictures then I would have had to deal with the sneering looks of DH and DS. 🙂


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Mixed Vegetable Kurma Recipe

vegeable_kurma 012

The best part of the day for me is when I am done with my work and driving back home from work. This is the time when I am done with the major grind of the day and can finally go home to my family. This is the time when I am away from the office, releases, deadlines, politics, people drama etc. This is the time when I am by myself away from the chatter, surrounded my music, in a closed environment, comfortable with just the right temperature, not too warm or too cold.

 As I go past the garage, my mind gets into this familiar routine of driving. Seeing the familiar roads, turns, buildings it is as if I am in the Auto-pilot mode. After all I have been driving on the same road for 6 years now.  My mind drifts away while my hands and feet know what to do and take control. As the thoughts about work fade away and with the rough edges of the pressure soothed by music, my mind among many things goes over the stuff in the fridge, pantry and comes up with a plan and what to cook for dinner.

There are days when a good idea comes by that are quick, delicious and nutritious and cannot wait to go home to try it. During one of those good days I had this idea of making Mixed Vegetable Kurma.

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Blueberry Picking an experience and Blueberry Smoothie

blueberry_patch 003

We had been to a berry farm last weekend to do our own blueberry picking and I wanted to share some of my thoughts here.  We had done berry picking almost 4 years ago when DS was still an infant.  So we decided to do it again this year so that he could have a first hand experience about the trees, farm, berry picking right off of the grove etc. Coming from a concrete jungle it is easy to loose touch with nature and forget where the produce came from.

We started off very early in the morning toward the country so that we could avoid the warm sun during the picking. After all Texas Sun is notorious not without a good reason. Driving through the country is an experience in itself; far away from the hustle bustle of the city the view is calming and relaxing. With long stretch of greenery on either sides of the road, panoramic view of blue skies, view of grazing animals and no sight of buildings or vehicles it is a treat to the eyes. Even people seem warm, down-to-earth and talk through their hearts rather than their minds.

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