Turnips Curry Recipe

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You know how you go to the same place again and again and kind of memorize the landmarks, right? For us going to the supermarket is like it, we have been going to the same place for years now and we are used to the specific spots to find the things we want. Onions here, potatoes there, beans on the extreme right and so on. So being used to the weekly drill, I don’t carry a grocery list anymore (not that I carried it earlier), I just pick the items from the spot, not bothering to look anywhere else and bham the grocery is done. If they change the spots then I am sure I will easily forget a thing or two. Have I already mentioned that doing grocery is the least attractive chore in our to-do list and that exploring different options is out of question? 

This weekend because of the lack of time, we did our grocery in a different store. Trust me, it threw me off the routine and I stood there confused for a while. I mentally mapped the spots in the old store trying to recall the things that we get every week. I started out fine but then after being exposed to a new arena of vegetables including turnips, I conveniently forgot about the mapping. I didn’t recall eating turnips either in India or even here in the US. Shocking but true J. OK after some ooh’s and aah’s at the store, the end it all, we got some new stuff like turnips, fennel but conveniently forgot onions and potatoes! 

Anyway, after doing some searches online, I made this curry this week. In my opinion, they taste and smell like radish especially after they are cooked. I know taste is usually subjective but sorry Mr.Turnip and turnip lovers but I don’t think I will be buying these often. But if you like radish then I am sure you will like it. DH was suggesting that they will taste good in a sambhar kind of like the Radish sambhar.

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Raw Mango Rice (MavinaKayi Chitranna)

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This Raw Mango Rice called as ‘Mavinakayi Chitranna’ in Kannada is a variation of the usual Mango Rice recipe that I have posted here. In the latter version, all the ingredients are mixed and cooked over the stove top; where as in this version, the cooked rice is mixed along with raw mango paste and then aptly seasoned. Of course, for this version the seasoning plays a very important role and needs to be as strong as possible. This is achieved by using good asafetida, fresh curry leaves and good dried chillies. 

I got this recipe from my MIL who happened to see this in a cookery program on TV. She passed along this recipe last week. Since I had a raw mango, I gave it a try this week and we loved the taste. The tanginess for this rice comes from the raw mango and there is no need to add lemon juice to this. 

I have also posted a basic variation of Chitranna (without any raw mango) here. 

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Microwave Chocolate Pudding

chocolate_pudding 035

The wistful part about the weekend is that it is not long enough and gets over in no time; here you are dreaming of lazy, casual Saturday morning, anticipating in doing things in a relaxing, causal way and before you know it you are driven to a hectic, groggy, rush hour Monday morning in no time. The transformation 0-90 mph takes place at the blink of an eye! This week was very hectic for us, with so many activities lined; we hardly were at home the whole of Saturday and Sunday. 

Oh well, moving on… as is becoming a routine, DS is taking the idea of making/baking some new during the weekend pretty seriously. During the week, as and when he remembers he asks what we are going to bake during the weekend. The chocolate lover that he is usually asks for something that has chocolate (“Chlocate” as he calls it) in it.

 This week however, I did not have to do any planning as DS knew exactly what he wanted. Thanks to Caillou; there was one episode in which the bubbly Caillou goes gaga over Chocolate Pudding and prefers it over anything else. At the end of at all, we had one mesmerized 4.5 year old who could not stop talking about Chocolate pudding, proclaiming his love for it and how that was his most favorite dish. Errr…. the problem? DS (or for that matter his mom) had never tasted or seen Chocolate Pudding before. 

Persistent pleads were made to make the dish and so the mom caved in and a search was duly performed. The criteria were to look something that was not rich, easy to make and ingredients that were available on hand. So here goes:

Off this goes to MEC – Kids Party Food at Asan Khana . This event is a brain child of Srivalli.

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