And he is…..

He is one of the most cheerful person I have ever met, one who never forgets to sing in the shower and always in control of his feelings. 

A non-complainer, who can remain cheerful in spite of a terrible flight delay, leading to picking up his rental car at 12:30 AM, drive to an unknown hotel and still wake up the next day at 6:30 AM to attend a dreadful office meeting. 

A strange person who does not have dreams in his sleep, yet dreams to be the most successful person on this earth.  

He can think of 20 good reasons to buy one trivial thing and yet the next day can think of 20 reasons why NOT to buy it. 

A pragmatic person, who is aware of his strengths and weaknesses. He soars on his strengths but does not dwell on his defects. 

One of his essences on life “We as human beings cannot expect a trouble free life, face it strongly and exit out with dignity”. He is the living example of this motto having undergone very tough times growing up. 

This is my husband, a good spirited person and I feel so blessed to have him in my life

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