Hello! My name is Supriya and welcome to RedChillies, a blog where I share my recipes, cooking adventures and musings. I consider this blog a creative outlet for sharing the recipes I have learnt and experimented over years. These are the Vegetarian recipes that I have enjoyed cooking and sharing with my friends and family.  Food, photography and writing considered essentials of blogging are all creative arts and this blog RedChillies is a manifestation of that expression.

Food is a part and parcel of our everyday lives. I grew up being exposed to good food and great cooks. I also had/have a penchant for learning recipes. After I took up the mantle of cooking I discovered that I enjoy cooking, experimenting and also learning new dishes. So I used this platform of blogging to share the recipes and culinary ideas with people across the world. I am a Konkani brought up in the wonderful city of Bangalore. I am a Vegetarian and I have influences of North Kanara, South Kanara, Maharashtrian and also Karnataka cuisine in my cooking.

I live in the United States with my wonderful husband and our 11 year old boy who is the light of our lives.  I am software professional and work full time for a dynamic, growth oriented company.  I enjoy photography, reading travelling, listening to music.


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Why the name “RedChillies” …. 


In our family we love spicy food and chillies are a quintessential part of our cooking. Being a Konkani we use plenty of dried Red chillies along with coconut and tamarind in our everyday cooking.

So when I had to come up with a name for my blog, the name RedChillies just stuck.


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Contact Me ….

If you would like to contact me, use my recipes, use my pictures, or advertise then, product reviews, write to me at myredchillies@yahoo.com for questions, suggestions etc.  




  1. Aishwarya Ranjan says:

    Great content and in depth details of food. Reading and going through such dishes make me learn more and more about the richness and variety of food.
    Recipes is not our forte but, we look forward to find the places where they can be find and cover such rich varieties dishes on our portal.

    Aishwarya Ranjan
    BD Manager

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