Our little angel…

Days, weeks and months have zipped by and before long little S is almost 2 years old. He has turned from a teeny tiny infant into an active, spirited toddler. The sitting, crawling, creeping days that have passed by seem like a haze now and what persists now is constant jabber, endless running around and jumping. 

His world is very simple for now. Every animal he sees including a bunny and squirrel is a “dog”, every fruit and vegetable including tomatoes, onions is an “apple” and anything liquid is “da-da” his terminology for water. 

He loves his shoes and does not sit in the car without them. He shreiks out loud “shoe shoe”, if he has lost his shoe somewhere in the transit.  He is also sweet enough to bring us our right pair of shoes when he sees us getting ready. 

Any simple question, with an obvious “YES” as an answer invokes a prompt “NO” for an answer from him. 

His belly laugh just melts our heart, making us forget all our worries and aches. Peek-a-boos, tickling, jumping, running anything can make him laugh. 

There is never a dull moment at home, throwing out pillows from couches, climbing tables, pulling out stuff, emptying buckets of water, throwing vessels etc. 

After a bustling day of non-stop activities, unwinding at night and seeing his sweet little innocent face reminds us that we have been blessed with an angel in our lives. Little S is an innocent, sweet, mischievous little boy who fills our heart with warmth and love.

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