Weekend Non-food: The case of the missing cell phone charger


Talk about starting the week on a wrong foot and Yours Truly was a victim of this adage this week. It all started Monday morning when I discovered that I had lost my cell phone charger.  Since then I have maniacally searched every nook and corner, turned everything upside down at home, at work, but still no trace of it.  The charger has literally developed wings and disappeared from the face of the earth. Finally unable to bear the dying, gasping sounds from the phone I put my dear cell phone to “rest”.

 I feel so lost without my cell phone. I use it to text messages, see the time, store addresses, traffic alerts, and use it as an alarm and what have you. And oh wait; did I mention that I use it to make phone calls too?  

Nah, it’s not what you think, it’s not the toddler this time, don’t ask me why, but the little boy is clean as a whistle

 To say that I have been pre-occupied with myself thinking about the lost charger would be an under statement. I sometimes walk around like a detective, re-trace my steps the day I last charged the phone; imagine possibilities of where it could be, search in some remote non-existing corner; re-search in already explored places etc. Tracing, tracking is becoming my all consuming passion and obsession and is putting me in sticky and undesirable situations.

Conversation with my husband the day my cell phone died, “Why aren’t you answering your phone?” I replied “Don’t even get me started! I mean what age are we living in?  Are we part of the wireless age or what? Somebody has to come up with a way to transmit electricity in air. That will put an end to so many junk plastic wires, save trees, save the environment and we won’t have to watch The Inconvenient Truth”. Well, I could not blame him, I did not know what I was talking either.

Two days later at the weekly status meeting, my Manager asked “Red C, were you able to find the reason for the scanner connectivity issue? “With my mind fixated on my lost charger, I replied “No Andy, I have looked for it everywhere, but still could not find it”. “Did you look for it on Google?” I immediately blurted “So Google is now capable of looking for my lost charger?” That didn’t go a wee bit well with my Manager to say the least.

With all hopes quashed of ever finding the charger, I have now resorted to last option of praying. I even have a theory on that. Since the Hindu mythology claims to have 33 crore Gods, maybe there is one special God for the cell phone charger and maybe I need to pray to that God…

Last Known Update: Red C is continuing moving around like a zombie searching for the missing charger, while the husband to bring back normalcy in the household and put an end to the “wonderful” ideas has decided to order a new charger.

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  1. TBC says:

    lol 🙂
    That was hilarious…well, not for you, but I loved it:-)
    Just when you order your new charger, you can be sure the old one will mysteriously turn up!

    RC: Thanks TBC for your warm comments. Could not agree with you more about the last comment. 🙂

  2. Raaga says:

    Agree totally with TBC… just place the order… non refundable variety… and the old one will have a perfect landing on your doorstep.

  3. Dhivya says:

    hahahahahaha, i laughed like crazy! hey dont get me wrong ..not hilarious at ur predictment..but at the recollection of my own in a strikingly same situation as urs. I guess am like that now for chking out net too..!! one of the crores of hindu god’s help my hubby too 😉

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