Rose Cookies (Crunchies)/Achappam/ Gulabi Puvvulu

Wishing you all and your loved ones a very Happy Diwali. 

 May you be blessed with Health, Wealth and Happiness Always.

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Growing up, Deepavali was always the most exciting festival for us from the get go. What with the holidays, new clothes, sweets, snacks, savories, lights, friends, family and most of all crackers, there seemed to be non-stop excitement all day around. My Mom would prepare all the usual sweets, snacks like Besan Ladoo, Churmundo (wheat ladoo), sweet tudki, chivda etc etc and along with these would also prepare this unique snack called “Rose Cookies”.

 They were shaped like wheels, crunchy, salty, yummy and gone with in minutes they were made. I also watched in fascination when she made them using special molds, the batter would be transformed into “flower-wheels”. They are called Rosette molds and hence the name “Rose” Cookies. Though I have to admit I am not sure why they are called Cookies.  These are also called as Gulabi Puvvulu ~ in Telegu, Achappam in Malayalam and also as Eggless Rosettes.

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 I was very excited when I obtained these molds from Ebay. Also I learnt the hard way that it is not exactly easy to prepare. Thanks Mom for making it look so effortless, but this requires lots of patience, trial and error especially while making the batter.

This snack requires very few ingredients, but the whole trick lies in preparing and adjusting the consistency of the batter. Once that is prepared, forming and frying the cookies is a breeze


rose_cookies 009

This is also my contribution to Jihva Special Editon : The Festive Series for Dasara hosted by the wonderful Vee of Past Present and Me


  • 1 cup Maida (All purpose flour)

  • 2 tsps chilli powder

  • ¼ tsp baking soda

  • Salt

  • Water

  • Oil for deep frying

  • Rosette Mold


  •  Heat sufficient oil in a thick bottomed pan for deep frying.

  • Meanwhile in a steel vessel, take the Maida, salt, chilli powder. Mix this well.

  • Now add 2 tablespoon of hot oil into this and mix well to form crumbles.

  • Add the baking soda and start adding the water very slowly in intervals, making sure the batter is mixed well.

  • The batter should not be too thick or thin. (Almost like a dosa batter consistency).

  • Clean the Rosette mold thoroughly and dip this first in the hot oil.

  • Then dip this in the prepared mixture. The most important thing is that the mold should NOT be dipped completely. The upper surface of the mold has to be completely clean. Wipe off excess batter if necessary.

  • Pull up the mold to check to see, if batter has adhered to the mold. Adjust batter consistency if required.

  • If a thin layer of batter is stuck neatly to the mold, then drop the mold in hot oil and let it stay for a minute or two.

  • Once it is hardened a bit, take a kitchen knife and pull the cookie off and let it stay in the oil and turn on the other side to cook completely.

  • Dip the mold in batter again and repeat the procedure to form more cookies.

The end result is super yummy, crispy snack which everybody will enjoy. 

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  1. Asha says:

    My ajji has these too, old copper ones. I don’t think she uses them anymore. looks great, taste somewhat like Chinese Fortune cookies. Enjoy.Happy Diwali,

    RC: Thanks so much Asha. HOpe you had a good one.

  2. mansi says:

    They look good…nice snack munchies:)

    Happy Diwali to you and your family too!

    RC: Thanks so much Mansi. HOpe you had a good one.

  3. sunita says:

    Those look soooo lovely…not to say tempting…would love to munch on them anytime :)…Happy Diwali to you and your family.

    RC: Thanks Sunita. Hope you had a good one too.

  4. Sirisha Kilambi says:

    Great looking ‘cookies’ Red Chillies :-)) The molds look so good :-))
    I think these are called ‘rose petals’….I used to eat them in India 🙂
    Nice one 🙂

    RC: Thanks Sirisha. Rose petals? Suitable name I should say

  5. bee says:

    tried your masala vadas in the appam pan and loved them. thanks. dahi vadas are next.

    RC: Awesome Bee. So glad that you liked them. Thanks for trying.

  6. padmaja says:

    Hey we make these rose cakesor cookies(that how we used to call at home) and they are so crunchy and yummy!!
    Yours came so good!!
    Happy diwali to you too

    RC: Thanks so much Padmaja. Very true very crunchy and yummy.

  7. Vee says:

    Wow! I have been looking for those molds for a long time. You found them on E-bay. Gosh, I have to get on this ebay bandwagon now. Lovely Entry! Thanks for participating. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Diwali!

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