Thengol/ Thenkuzhal/ Thengolu (Fried Urad and Rice flour noodle)


Quite frankly the description that I have provided for ‘Thengolu’ is just a hodgepodge of words and does not seem very appetizing. One has to taste it to really experience the taste, flavor and crispiness of it.

Thengol/ Thenkuzhal is a South Indian deep fried savory dish more like Sev, however this has Urad Flour instead of Besan and has shape of noodle/vermicelli. They are crispy, delicious and have the nutty flavor of urad flour in it.  They are great accompaniment with tea/coffee. They are addictive and when started to consume they are gone in no time!

Back home in Bangalore our neighbor used to prepare this for Krishna Janamashthami along with other assortment of goodies. She would be kind enough to offer some to us and we would enjoy it with great relish. Being exposed to Chakli, Sev, Tukdi, Kodubale etc, this was new to us, but nevertheless the taste was awesome.

Years later after my marriage and coming to the US, I forgot all about it. During my initial years of experimental cooking I happened to chance upon the recipe here. . Back then before the advent of blogs Payaswini’s Recipes(mainly for Karnataka recipes) along with Bawarchi used to be my favorite website for recipes. Anyway I am glad that I found the recipe there and tried it. It is a great hit among our family members. If you have all ingredients on hand, it is really easy to make. I plan to make this as one of the snack items for the upcoming Diwali/Deepavali festival.



  • 2 cups rice flour
  •  1 cup urad flour
  •  1 tsp cumin seeds
  •  1/2 tsp asafetida
  •  Oil to deep fry
  •  1 Tbsp melted butter
  •  Salt to taste


  • Take a big plate and first mix the flours, salt, cumin seeds, and asafetida together. Add melted butter and mix well to form some crumbs.
  •  Add water to this in small batches and make soft dough (pretty much like chapathi dough). Keep it covered and set aside for about 30 minutes.
  •  Take a deep frying pan and heat oil. Use a Chakali press and the sieve used to make Sev (however the perforation for this is slightly bigger than the Sev).
  • Put in some dough in the Chakli press and release the ‘noodle’ that comes out of the press directly over the oil. See picture for this here.
  •  Deep fry these in hot oil until they turn golden brown. Drain on paper towel.
  •  Store in an airtight container after they are cooled.
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  1. Desi Soccer Mom says:

    I don’t make a whole lot of fried goodies for Diwali or any other festival for that matter. But these do sound good. I will feast and taste on them with my eyes.
    And may be, just may be, muster up enough courage to make something this season, as delicious as what you have here. I have my doubts though. 🙂

  2. Vani says:

    I love thengolol. My Iyengar neighbour aunty makes it and sends over whenever I visit India. Melt in the mouth buttery goodness!
    Yours looks great, RC!

  3. hemi says:

    I should say I’m a new kid on the block(new in the food blogging world) Love these….U reminded me of my childhood….my mom use to make similar kind of thing but i guess that was only with the rice flour(need to ask her next time i call). I just love fried stuff….now a days don’t do much frying & never tried to make this kind of stuff by myself. But i guess it’s o.k to fry once in a while, specially when it’s too tempting.

  4. Sharmila says:

    I like the word ‘sev’ … makes them even more tempting. They look so crisp RC! Wow! Do you think I can make the urad flour at home .. am not sure I’ll get it here. Or can I substitute it with besan? I so want to try these out. 🙂

  5. CurryLeaf says:

    Looks great RC,I always think of thinglad whenever I hear about this,but these are thin individual noodle while you use a murukku mould for thinglad.Yum Yum Yum

  6. Sunshinemom says:

    Thengoyals have turned out lovely and they are also in time for diwali treat makers:).

    I associate these snacks with my mother. Yet to make them at my place!

  7. Aparna says:

    You’re right but it is so difficult to find translations in English to properly describe Indian dishes! 🙂
    Whatever its description, we love this one.

  8. Soma says:

    OOooooooo. these are a delight! Makes me want to reach out:-) Supriya so perfect for the weather we are having. If you were near me, I would steal all of these.

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