Mango Peda


We love mangoes at home; both the raw and the ripe fruity ones. We prefer eating fresh mangoes, but during mango off-season we succumb to temptation and buy those big Mango pulp cans from the Indian store. I tried Mango ice-cream with the pulp and after that a good bit of mango pulp was left over. I usually store the left over in the refrigerator; however I do not like storing it for a long time and so think of ways of using it quickly.

Now the other day while I was in the process of making Kalakand, it suddenly stuck to me, why not add some mango pulp to this mixture and make Mango Kalakand. Seemed like a good idea at that spur of the moment.

So I went ahead and did an experiment and mixed, micro waved small quantity of Mango Pulp along with Ricotta cheese and Condensed Milk in the hope of making Mango Kalakand. However it was not successful. I felt that the taste of Condensed Milk which tastes like Khoya/ Mawa when cooked had over powered the flavor of Mango. The taste was like a regular Kalakand and the flavor of Mango was lost was in the process of cooking. So I thought of a different approach.

In my next experiment, I used Evaporated Milk instead of condensed milk, Mango Pulp and Ricotta cheese. I also used Jaya’s idea of using Ricotta cheese, coconut and then came up with idea of Mango peda. I did not use cardamom powder as I wanted the flavor of Mango to stand out.


Ingredients:  (Makes 10 pedas)

  • 1.5 cup ricotta cheese (packed)
  •  2 cups mango pulp (make sure the mango pulp is thick, else reduce the quantity)
  •  4 Tbsp evaporated milk
  •  Sugar (optional) depending on the sweetness of the mango
  •  ½ cup shredded coconut
  •  Cardamom powder (optional)
  •  Raisins/Chopped nuts(optional)


  •  Take a microwaveable dish (recommend using a tall glass dish) and lightly grease it.
  •  If using the coconut, then place the shredded coconut in the dish, microwave it until it is toasty/nutty and has that light brown color.
  •  Next add the ricotta cheese, evaporated milk, and mango pulp mix well and microwave for 4-5 minutes.
     Take it out and mix very well and microwave for another 4-5 minutes. The mixture tends to boil and spill over, so be careful.
  •  Now set it aside and let it cool for 5 minutes. Mix in between. (I do this because it thickens when it cools. I feel that cooling in between and then microwaving again speeds up the thickening process)
  •  After it has thickened place it in the microwave for another 4-5 minutes, until the mixture becomes dry, grainy and no longer sticks to the hand. 
  •  Add the cardamom powder (optional) and mix well.
  •  This is very forgiving. If it becomes too dry, then add a spoonful of evaporated milk and microwave again. In my microwave it took 30 minutes to complete.
  •  After this is cooled down, take a small portion, make balls and then flatten it on your palm. Make a dent at the centre with your thumb. 
  •  Place a small piece of the raisin/nut in the center.


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  1. Desi Soccer Mom says:

    I can imagine how yummy this must taste. Love the color of the peda. I have a can of mango pulp left over from summer. Will try this as soon as I remember to buy evaporated milk.
    Goes without saying the pics are as good as ever.
    BTW, what a coincidence! You plugged my ‘idea’ and I plugged your moong usal on my post a few hours ago. 🙂

  2. Soumya says:

    Gorgeous looking peda RC! i have some pulp left over and was looking for a recipe, will try soon, i only need to buy ricota cheese. Nice click,I love the u use the color contrasts in ur pics.

  3. Lata Raja says:

    As I read I thought too the flavoured of condensed milk will overpower the mango and you said it! The peda is such a relishable idea. As with all your pictures these are great!

  4. Sonia says:

    Here we are having mango season…I enjoy it almost everyday! 🙂 I am die-hard fan of this succulent juicy fruit just like you. Love the idea of adding Mango puree in MW peda. Look like Kesar peda. 🙂

  5. renuka says:

    Thats it !!!!!!! I think I should just move in with you
    and try all those delicious dishes first hand.
    I promise I will do all the clean up aftrwards that is after cleaning up my plate first.

  6. redchillies says:

    Renuka, neevu banni namma manege, you are always welcome. I will be happy to cook for you and experiement on you as well. 🙂

  7. jyothi says:


    I visited ur site for the first time yesterday and liked the yummy looking pedas. I generally make pedas using milk pd,condensed milk and butter. This looked different so I tried to make it today.

    I am not sure what mistake I made but the mixture is just watery. It is not thickening. Why?? I am still doing it…trying to thicken it so I can make the pedas…HELPPPPPPP

  8. RedChillies says:

    Hi jyothi, thanks for trying this recipe and for the feedback.
    I am not sure the power of the microwave, I am wondering if you should heat it up a little longer. Heat and cool for a little while. Mine took about 30 minutes or so to heat and set it up. Let me know if this works for you.

  9. Vinita says:


    I tried the recipe and my batter was very liquid like. I followed the directions of the heat and cool cycle in the miocrowave but it did not seem to work. I finally froze the mixture and was able to atleast shape the mixture in the form of a peda. I kept it outside overnight and in the morning it was still a paste. Not sure what I should do, please help !

  10. RedChillies says:

    Hi Vinita, sorry that this did not work out as expected. I hope the mang pulp that was used was thick, if it is thin then it does not get set easily. Also can you please try to add little more ricotta cheese and cocont and see if that sets?

    Let me know.

  11. Smitha says:


    I wanted to know if I can use amul cheese instead of ricotta cheese. I will wait for your reply and then will try this sweet. Thanks

  12. redchillies says:

    Hi Smitha, I don’t think Amul cheese will work for this. The substitute that I can think of for this is paneer or maybe khoya. Please let me know how it turned out.

  13. Smitha says:

    Thanks for your reply. I did make the peda using khova and it tastes great. We do not buy cheese as it has rennet.

  14. Devyani says:

    Hi, RC. I would love to try this recipe for Diwali. I just had a question. By shredded coconut, do you mean dessicated coconut?

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