Low Fat Banana and Zucchini Cake

chocolate_zucchini_cake 002

I have blogging little more than 2.5 years now, yet I find it tricky to phrase the first paragraph. OK, let me re-phrase, tricky to form the first line of the post. Many a times, I complete the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs for the post, and then go back and finish off the first one. The ingredients and procedure are the easy parts, not much thinking involved there; it is just stating the steps, but not so much with the preceding paragraphs. Hey look, with these statements I have now managed to cross the hurdle, so let’s get back to the recipe, shall we?:-)

I had bookmarked this recipe here a long time ago and was waiting for a good time to try it.  The appealing factor for me was that not only is this eggless, low fat, no butter but the addition of bananas, zucchini that made it healthy. Plus I had not tried baking with zucchini earlier, so I was very curious about that. I got an opportunity last Sunday (what a glorious day that was!) when I had the right ingredients on hand (including zucchinis) and also the right amount of time.

 This recipe can be adapted to make either bread or muffins. Please note that this takes a long time to bake, but the taste is never the less delicious. I made some changes to the recipe by adding cocoa powder, reducing sugar, oil etc. The addition of zucchini made this soft; however it made no difference to the taste. The flavor of banana was powering everything else. The cake turned out soft and dense, but not moist. Good one to have for a quick snack or for breakfast along with tea or coffee.

Off this goes to Bake Off Event at Versatile Kitchen.

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Spicy Shankar Pali/ Tukdi/ Namakpare/ Namkeen


TGIF! The weekend is finally here and I am so glad that this week is finally behind us. This week was particularly exhausting, with lots of activities both on the home and the work front. Added to this we have now enrolled our 4 year old for soccer class, so that means one more activity to squeeze through in our already busy schedule. On the brighter side the kiddo is very happy with his soccer activity and I officially get to be called the soccer mom. 🙂

 Moving on to the recipe, these are deep fried savory diamonds (for lack of better term).My mom had prepared and sent these along with the other goodies. Different regions in India refer to this with different names. In Konkani they are referred to as Shankar Pali/ Tudki and in Hindi as Namkeen. It is amazing how even with almost similar ingredients; the taste could be totally different.

Relishing these treats opened up a floodgate of memories. Come Diwali, and this had to be one of the items among the array of dishes (faraal) that my mom used to prepare. She would start her preparation a week before Diwali, but then me and my brother would sneak in and finish off half of the goodies much before that.  So she would take good care to either hide it or put it in a place beyond our reach.

Anyway, these are simple to make with readily available ingredients on hand. They are crispy and have that melt-in-your-mouth texture. Trust me; these are so addictive that they are gone in no time.

 Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

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Kids Lunch Box: Multi Lentil Vegetable Appe/ Kuzhi Paniyaram

multi_lentil_appe 016

Two of my good friends who are also moms, liked this idea of Veggie Dosa triangles that I had posted before and requested to share few more of lunch box ideas. The tricky and challenging part is not only to make a dish kid appealing but also pack in maximum nutrition in it. Also what appeals to one kid does not appeal to the other. The other two friends have shared their food ideas as well. I plan to have a post on LunchBox ideas for kids atleast once a month.

I pack lunch for DS everyday in the morning. However I do not prepare something new and pack it in his box. I experiment the dish on the kiddo first during the weekend, try to get a feel of his liking and then pack it for him during the week. Of course, there is no guarantee that just because he liked it during the weekend that he will eat it during the weekday 🙁

I tried this Appe dish last weekend and the kiddo liked it very much. The Appe/ paniyaram is a dish made by cooking batter, traditionally made from lentils and rice using a special pan/skillet/mold. Appe (Konkani) is known by various names such as Paniyaram, paddu, guliappa, gundponglu, gunta pongadalu etc.

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