Kaarate Kismuri/ BitterGourd Onion Coconut Mix

karate_kismuri 011

Kismuri (Konkani word) is a side dish that is made of a mix of coconut, onion, chilli powder along with roasted ingredients like bittergourd, pappad etc.  Karate is Konkani word for Bitter gourd and hence the name Kaarate Kismuri. No, not the martial arts Karate, I promise you there is no such thing involved in this  recipe:-)
(Note: In Konkani, this is pronounced “Kaa ra the” with a soft ‘t’)

 This is a very simple recipe, yet the taste is very appetizing. The only tough part is chopping of the bitter gourd finely and then frying it. Traditionally the bittergorud pieces are roasted/fried on the stovetop that is how my mom and MIL do it. But I take shortcut and do it in the microwave ( I know, lazy me :-)). Of course, if done in the microwave then it gets done in a breeze and does not require any baby sitting. 

Even if you are not fond of bitter melon because of its bitter taste, then do not worry, the bitter taste is gone after roasting and all that is left over is scant bitterness along with the crunchy taste of bitter gourd pieces. While making this it also reminds me of the Bitter Gourd Chips that do not have any bitter taste in them. 

The measurements provided here are approximate please modify as per requirement. The recipe is very forgiving and so one can adjust the taste by increasing or decreasing an ingredient. Want it spicy, then add more chilli powder, do not like sweet, then skip jaggery and so on.

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Finally, the Giveaway Winner……..

Thank you dear readers for participating in this Giveaway and of course big thanks to CSN stores for giving me this cool opportunity. Hosting the giveaway was fun!

 I used random.org to pick the winner and the winner is….“Cheryl W”

 Cheryl W.

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 Cheryl W.  

  • Congratulations Cheryl, I have sent you an email, please check it out.  Have a fun time shopping!

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    Kids Lunchbox: Potato Quesadilla/ Chapathi Wedges

    chapathi_wedge 006

    Even though I call these Quesadillas, these wedges do not have a good amount of cheese the way traditional quesadilla has. The reason? The kiddo in the house does not like cheese. He likes the chapathis/tortillas, potatoes but not cheese, hence the other name Chapathi Wedges. Have I mentioned that he does not like pizza or ice-cream either (gasp!)?  Given his fluctuations in tastes let’s see how long this lasts though. 

    Speaking of the kid, he keeps us entertained with his mischievous antics, funny and innocent talk. I have some of his funny talk here, I digress, so feel free to skip this and head straight to the recipe. 

    Smart Alec self

    • “Do not wake me up in the morning, as my teacher told me that I am allergic to waking up”.
    • “Next Friday when I was sick, you take me to school. That’s not fair”. 

    Un-bashful self

    • After missing school for a couple of days “Pappa, I have to go to school other wise my friends will miss me”
    • He was recently moved to the bigger class (4-5 year olds) and his joy knew no bounds. Upon his insistence we had to share the good news with everybody; Star Bucks baristas, grocery cashiers, librarian, truck drivers etc. No, not to policemen as a certain someone is scared of them 🙂

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