Kids Lunchbox: Potato Quesadilla/ Chapathi Wedges

chapathi_wedge 006

Even though I call these Quesadillas, these wedges do not have a good amount of cheese the way traditional quesadilla has. The reason? The kiddo in the house does not like cheese. He likes the chapathis/tortillas, potatoes but not cheese, hence the other name Chapathi Wedges. Have I mentioned that he does not like pizza or ice-cream either (gasp!)?  Given his fluctuations in tastes let’s see how long this lasts though. 

Speaking of the kid, he keeps us entertained with his mischievous antics, funny and innocent talk. I have some of his funny talk here, I digress, so feel free to skip this and head straight to the recipe. 

Smart Alec self

  • “Do not wake me up in the morning, as my teacher told me that I am allergic to waking up”.
  • “Next Friday when I was sick, you take me to school. That’s not fair”. 

Un-bashful self

  • After missing school for a couple of days “Pappa, I have to go to school other wise my friends will miss me”
  • He was recently moved to the bigger class (4-5 year olds) and his joy knew no bounds. Upon his insistence we had to share the good news with everybody; Star Bucks baristas, grocery cashiers, librarian, truck drivers etc. No, not to policemen as a certain someone is scared of them 🙂

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Raw Mango Rice (MavinaKayi Chitranna)

mavinakayi_chitranna 017

This Raw Mango Rice called as ‘Mavinakayi Chitranna’ in Kannada is a variation of the usual Mango Rice recipe that I have posted here. In the latter version, all the ingredients are mixed and cooked over the stove top; where as in this version, the cooked rice is mixed along with raw mango paste and then aptly seasoned. Of course, for this version the seasoning plays a very important role and needs to be as strong as possible. This is achieved by using good asafetida, fresh curry leaves and good dried chillies. 

I got this recipe from my MIL who happened to see this in a cookery program on TV. She passed along this recipe last week. Since I had a raw mango, I gave it a try this week and we loved the taste. The tanginess for this rice comes from the raw mango and there is no need to add lemon juice to this. 

I have also posted a basic variation of Chitranna (without any raw mango) here. 

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Eggless Chocolate Chip Banana Pancake for kids

chocolatechip_banana_pancake 011 

This time around (yet again) over the weekend we had some overripe bananas lurking on our countertops. I usually do not throw them, but come up with means of using them.

I have tried making Eggless Whole Wheat Banana Muffins, Eggless Banana Oats Chocolate Chip Muffins, Banana Halwa (Burfi), Eggless Banana Bread etc before all with good results. This time I did not have the energy to bake, yet wanted to make use of those bananas and try something which DS would enjoy.

 Somewhere along I got the idea of making pancakes and decided to try these Chocolate banana pancakes. I had tried these Banana Dosa /Vegan Indian Banana Pancake and DS used to like them earlier, but not anymore. So I decided to add some chocolate chips to make it kid appealing. This is pretty easy and the batter gets done in no time.

 I have used flax seed meal as a substitute for an egg. If you prefer eggs then skip the flax seed meal and add an egg. This is a good treat for the kids, mainly because of the addition of chocolate chips. The next time around I will try to substitute the AP flour with wheat flour to make it healthier. 

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