Easy Ras Malai (using Ricotta cheese)

rasmalai 004

Ras Malai is a popular dessert in India. Ras malai consists of sugary, cream to yellow-colored balls (or flattened balls) of paneer soaked in malai (thick milk) flavored with cardamom.

It was only after coming to US, I learnt to make this easy Ras Malai using ricotta cheese (as substitute for paneer) and that makes the recipe simpler. I am not sure if this is the authentic taste but I am sure it is close to the original.

This is a very easy dessert to make, even though the steps may seem complicated. But if you try it once, you will get a hang of it and realize how simple it is to make. The dessert by no means is a low-fat and not the right one to eat if you are counting calories. But then the taste is delicious, creamy and tasty that it is definitely worth a treat. And come on, a little dessert never hurt anyone right 🙂

Since this is a fail proof recipe I usually make this when we have guests over. And it has not disappointed me so far.

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Light Berry Parfait


What is it about summer that you like the most? Is it the outdoor gardening, picnics, longer days, out door grilling, fresh bounty of fruits and vegetables? For me the first pick would be the longer days and close second would be the fresh bounty of fruits specifically the beautiful berries. The grocery is usually flooded with fruits and vegetables; not only are they fresh but they are cheaper as well.

Did somebody say “what about the summer heat”? Well, let’s not go there shall we? If you live in some place like Texas, then the lesser talk about the heat the better. Let’s just focus on the fresh and fruity for now like this summery, low-fat dessert, parfait.

If you are wondering what is a parfait? An American parfait is a dessert normally made by layering cream, ice cream, or flavored gelatin dessert with other ingredients such as granola, nuts, yogurt,   fresh fruit, or whipped topping. A parfait is normally made in a tall clear glass making all layers visible. (source).

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Instant Sweet Appe/Paniyaram/Paddu

banana_paniyaram 005

There is something fun and exciting about Road Trips isn’t it? Just the thought itself gives me a warm feeling, good enough to drive away those blues! We had been on a Road trip recently for few days and it was good change for us to get away from the grind. 

Now what is road trip without good stuff to eat, right? Being a foodie it is not unusual for me to pack lots of stuff to munch and crunch along the way. So I packed the some junk stuff like store brought chips, cakes, chivdas, murukkus, chaklis etc. As if that were not enough I made this quick and easy Sweet Banana Appe to take along. Forget about those depressing things like dieting or calories as even they can take a break and go fish 🙂 

OK you sense my excitement here, but let me make it clear, that these Appes are not loaded, but the other stuff that I mentioned before really are! The word Appe (Konkani cooking word) is also referred to as “Ponganalu/Paniyaram/Uniyappam/Paddu in different Indian languages and is cooked in a special skillet called Aebleskiver pan. To see how the Aebleskiver pan/skillet looks like check here

As I have said before, I made this for our trip, but then I did not have enough time to take bunch of pictures, but I did manage to get couple of pictures though. Any more pictures then I would have had to deal with the sneering looks of DH and DS. 🙂


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