Zucchini Chutney

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If you are like me and have the perception that chutney usually means the one that is made of coconut and that it is eaten with idlis or dosas, then you will be in for a good surprise. For this chutney has no trace of coconut in it and can be eaten along with plain rice.

I learnt this recipe from my colleague Sudha, after tasting her delicious Lauki(Bottle gourd) chutney. She had brought the chutney along with rice and dosa and I was very pleased with the taste. I got the recipe from her and tried it during the weekend; since I did not have bottle gourd I used Zucchini instead.

The flavor of cooked zucchini is hardly felt in this chutney. It is overpowered by that of roasted cumin seeds, urad daal, garlic and chillies. To me it felt like regular coconut chutney, with similar consistency and the usual spicy tangy flavors.  As a bonus this chutney is nutritious because this is just a combination of veggies and spices.

If you have never tasted this before, then I recommend you to try this once. Zucchini could be substituted with other bland vegetables likeLauki/Bottlegourd or even ridge gourd. This is simple to make and can be made with just regular ingredients on hand. Goes well with Idlis, Dosas, chapathi or with rice. This can be made ahead of time and stores well in the fridge for about a week.

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Doddapatre Tambuli/ Cuban Oregano Spiced Yogurt


Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali. We had a wonderful time with many of our friends making this Diwali a memorable one for us.

Things have been pretty hectic at home and work and so I was not able to update posts at regular intervals. In fact I have been working on this post for the past 2 weeks and was able to post it only today.

This recipe called Tambuli/Tambli is a specialty of Karnataka/Konkani. It is a refreshing yogurt/buttermilk drink which aids in digestion and forms a good cooling agent. Usually spices, vegetables or green leaves are added to it, ground and then mixed with yogurt/curd. It is usually had cold or room temperature as is or along with rice.

These leaves are not available here in the US or at least I have not found them here in the Indian groceries. So this time when we went to Bangalore I had requested my MIL to make this and this was one of my favorite drinks growing up. The picture of the leaves is from my mom’s garden.

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Diwali /Deepavali Recipes: Sweets and Snacks

 Now that Diwali is around the corner, I am sure most of you are busy preparing delicacies for your families and friends. In this post I have put together links to sweets and snacks recipes that I have posted earlier. If you are looking for recipes then hope you find something fun and interesting:


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tukdi_shankarpali 028