Microwave Chocolate Pudding

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The wistful part about the weekend is that it is not long enough and gets over in no time; here you are dreaming of lazy, casual Saturday morning, anticipating in doing things in a relaxing, causal way and before you know it you are driven to a hectic, groggy, rush hour Monday morning in no time. The transformation 0-90 mph takes place at the blink of an eye! This week was very hectic for us, with so many activities lined; we hardly were at home the whole of Saturday and Sunday. 

Oh well, moving on… as is becoming a routine, DS is taking the idea of making/baking some new during the weekend pretty seriously. During the week, as and when he remembers he asks what we are going to bake during the weekend. The chocolate lover that he is usually asks for something that has chocolate (“Chlocate” as he calls it) in it.

 This week however, I did not have to do any planning as DS knew exactly what he wanted. Thanks to Caillou; there was one episode in which the bubbly Caillou goes gaga over Chocolate Pudding and prefers it over anything else. At the end of at all, we had one mesmerized 4.5 year old who could not stop talking about Chocolate pudding, proclaiming his love for it and how that was his most favorite dish. Errr…. the problem? DS (or for that matter his mom) had never tasted or seen Chocolate Pudding before. 

Persistent pleads were made to make the dish and so the mom caved in and a search was duly performed. The criteria were to look something that was not rich, easy to make and ingredients that were available on hand. So here goes:

Off this goes to MEC – Kids Party Food at Asan Khana . This event is a brain child of Srivalli.

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Bitter Gourd Crisps/ Bittergourd Rings (Microwave)


Whenever I go through my old posts, especially the ones I posted when I just started blogging, I think to myself, “Oh, I should I have provided more information” or “the picture is so bad” or gosh, “what was I thinking when I wrote this” etc. Not that I am an expert or that I write any better but some things just stand out and makes me want to re-write those posts again.

Incidentally Jaya of Desi Soccer Mom came up with a great event idea for re-posting and so I am posting this recipe for Bitter gourd Crisps which I feel needs some major re-writing. My original post for this is here.

This recipe has been our family favorite for years. This is prepared in the microwave. It is one of those recipes that requires less effort but has a surprisingly wonderful taste; more like the deep fried Bitter Gourd Chips. Whenever I have prepared it for my friends they have enjoyed and relished it.

Both DH and I love bitter gourd and luckily we get good bitter gourd/Karela all year round at our Indian grocery store. We make these crispy bittergourd rings at least once a fortnight. They are easy to make, do not require baby sitting and are healthy, low-fat too. Done the right way, they taste pretty much like Bitter Gourd Chips. They form a good side tem with simple Daal-Chaawal or with Khichidi and yogurt.

Taste: When you first take a bite, you get that crisp taste that lingers in your mouth and toward the end there is a bitter taste along with oil, salty and spicy taste. Let me assure you though that the bitterness is masked and not at all dominant.

Off this goes to Jaya’s re-post event at Desi Soccer Mom.

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Mango Peda


We love mangoes at home; both the raw and the ripe fruity ones. We prefer eating fresh mangoes, but during mango off-season we succumb to temptation and buy those big Mango pulp cans from the Indian store. I tried Mango ice-cream with the pulp and after that a good bit of mango pulp was left over. I usually store the left over in the refrigerator; however I do not like storing it for a long time and so think of ways of using it quickly.

Now the other day while I was in the process of making Kalakand, it suddenly stuck to me, why not add some mango pulp to this mixture and make Mango Kalakand. Seemed like a good idea at that spur of the moment.

So I went ahead and did an experiment and mixed, micro waved small quantity of Mango Pulp along with Ricotta cheese and Condensed Milk in the hope of making Mango Kalakand. However it was not successful. I felt that the taste of Condensed Milk which tastes like Khoya/ Mawa when cooked had over powered the flavor of Mango. The taste was like a regular Kalakand and the flavor of Mango was lost was in the process of cooking. So I thought of a different approach.

In my next experiment, I used Evaporated Milk instead of condensed milk, Mango Pulp and Ricotta cheese. I also used Jaya’s idea of using Ricotta cheese, coconut and then came up with idea of Mango peda. I did not use cardamom powder as I wanted the flavor of Mango to stand out.

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