FAHC: A passionate plea and strive for a cause…

Dear Friends,

We have been blessed with a good and a content life. A blessed life full of abundance be it food, clothing or shelter. When we think of food, the only quandary we deal with is “What to prepare for the day”.

We are so consumed with our everyday travails of life that we sometimes forget to look at the world beyond our horizon. But when we do, we see people dealing with hunger, untold miseries and sufferings far beyond our imagination and comprehension.

We see an extreme world where the basic question they deal with is “How do I get food?” to curb hunger and survive. A gruesome world where people struggling to find minimal food, suffer extreme hunger and horrendous death. Even the children are not spared. Poor, innocent and helpless children, who have neither seen the world nor experienced any happiness, have to fend for food to keep themselves from starving and being snatched from the jaws of death.


feedahungrychild.org is a not-for-profit charitable organization formed in a collaborative effort and whose mission is to:

  • Join the fight against global poverty.

  • Help feed hungry children one by one.

feeahungrychild.org aims to improve the lives of a good many underprivileged children in their efforts to support themselves, their families, and their communities by giving them the chance for better food, better education, better healthcare, and other welfare.

We have cheered for one another, applauded others work, given each others awards, and best of all shared our cooking and our traditions. We have also raised our voice, protested and combined our strength to fight against the evil (plagiarism).  Let us now join force and fend for the common good, let us root for the children in need, fight against global poverty, strive for a cause that is so big and way beyond ourselves. Let us cumulate our compassion and strive to make a difference in the lives of children, however small that may be. 

Let us not wait for Diwali or Thanks Giving or New Year to count our blessings and associate Giving to that time of the year. Let us do it NOW.  

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