Oven Roasted Garlic

garlic 003

Life at work and home is so hectic that some days I don’t even know if I am coming or going. On the work front, it is like the people who were asleep last December are suddenly waking up to the dawn of the New Year.  To make up for all the lost time they want to get things done as if there is no tomorrow, pile on work and slap unrealistic deadlines on lesser mortals like us. As a result my work gets extended to later in the night and I miss spending time on my blog. 

OK, enough said but that is a reality and nature of the business. Anyway, the reason for bringing up this long winding was to make a point that I am missing many of the events hosted by fellow food bloggers and also missing their deadlines. My husband is a huge garlic fan and so we usually buy a huge bin of already peeled garlic from SAMS/COSTCO. I had made dish long time ago to participate in Sunita’s “Think Spice“event. But when I was putting together this post I realized that I was already 6 days late for the event submission. Never the less I wanted to share this easy and tasty recipe.


2 cups peeled garlic pods
Red Chilli powder
Dry sweet basil powder (optional)
Rosemary seasoning (optional)
Oil, salt

garlic 014


  • Heat the oven to 400 F. Grease a pan or line it with aluminum foil.
  • Add garlic and about 2 Tbsps of oil
  • Now add salt, turmeric and chilli powder, rosemary seasoning, basil. Mix thoroughly so that the powder gets coated evenly on the garlic.
  • Add more oil if necessary.
  • Place it in the oven and bake for about 25 minutes. Check after 15 minutes and give it a small stir so that the position of the garlic is changed.

 This can be served as a side dish along with Rice.


Chapathi Quesadilla

chapatthi_ques 001

So this last Friday it was just me and the little one at home for dinner. Dear Husband had a dinner-meeting with his work colleagues and he was off for the night. I did not want to slave and spend a lot of time in the kitchen and neither did I want to snack on something unhealthy. Blame it on cold wintery nights and I was also craving for something hot and “chatpata”. I peeked at my fridge and found some shredded cheese and some remnants of spinach leaves. So I instantly had this idea of making Quesadilla using chapathis as I had no tortillas to go the authentic way.

This is my contribution to Game Night Party Recipes hosted by the wonderful and talented Mansi.


Chapathi dough
1 medium onion
1 cup spinach
1 cup shredded cheese (I used 2% sharp cheddar)
2-3 green chillies
Salt to taste

chapatthi_ques 003


  • Chop the onions length wise into small pieces and keep aside.
  • Clean the Spinach leaves and chop into fine pieces.
  •  Slit green chillies. 


  • Onion Sabji: Take a heavy bottom pan, add the oil. Wait until hot.
  • Now add garlic and mix until it lightly browns up. Add Onions and stir until it truns a bit brown.
  • Add green chillies and chopped spinach, salt and mix until done. Keep aside.
  • Make chapathis the usual way. When cooked on both sides, place a spoonful of prepared Sabji and shredded cheese on one half on the chapathi.
  • Close the chapathi using the other half into a semi-circle shape. Cook on both sides for about 10 secs. Peek to see if the cheese has melted.
  • Cut into wedges. Serve with ketchup when hot.

Simple Dry Potato Fry ( Alugadde palya/ Aloo Sabji)

potato 002

Don’t we all have few of those recipes in our repertoire? Simple yet flavorful, easy yet delicious, cool ingredients yet adds warmth to our hearts and most important of all takes us back through our memory lane and reminds us of our old comforting times. And then, when the food is brought to the dinner table, all you hear is: Silence and then “Mmmmm”. No groaning or whining from young and old alike and you mentally make note of this as a “Comfort-approved” food. 

I learnt this from my husband who in turn had watched his Ammamma (maternal grandmother) in South Kanara. She would prepare this with so much care and affection, the warmth that only grandmother’s can have. She would cut the potatoes into long strips as they would cook easily. As a young boy, the shape would appeal to my husband and it would be easy to pick up the potato and put it in his mouth.

This is my contribution to Monthly Mingle: Comfort Foods an event hosted by the wonderful and talented Meeta at What’s For Lunch Honey?


  • 2 large potatoes (cut into long strips)

  • 1 small onion (diced)

  • 2 pods garlic

  • Mustard

  • Jeera

  • Red Chilli powder

  • Curry leaves

  • Turmeric

  • Oil

  • Salt to taste


  • Take a heavy bottom pan; add about 2 Tbsps of oil. Add mustard, curry leaves and jeera.

  • Add crushed garlic followed by diced onions and fry until onions turn transparent.

  • Now add salt, turmeric and chilli powder. Mix well and add the cut potatoes.

  • Stir well, so that all the mixture coats over the potatoes. Add little oil in intervals if the mixture turns dry and mix well.

  •  Alternately sprinkle little water over the potato mixture and mix thoroughly. After a while test to see if the potatoes are cooked. Once cooked the curry is done.

 This tastes good with Rotis, Phulks, Puri or Rice.