Raspberry Lemon Tea


As you might already noticed the first two pictures are quite different from the last one. I did take the earlier pictures when I had the energy and enthusiasm, but not so much with the last one though. Frankly it was not meant to be that way. Two weeks ago I had brought a big box of fresh and juicy raspberries with plans of using them in some baking experiments. But alas that was not meant to be, the baking escapade did not materialize. I fell sick for few days and did not have the energy to work, cook, bake or eat.

The raspberries just sat in the fridge waiting for their turn to be used up and that is when DH used them to make this wonderful tea.  Now DH and I have opposite choices when it comes to tea. I swear by hot tea made using cream and sugar the Indian way, where as he swears by ice tea and finds delight in trying out some ‘weird’ combinations chamomile, lemon grass, spearmint…you get the idea. This tea was an exception however and for a change I enjoyed the taste. I would like to think that it was the high fever, cough that did the trick, but I am willing to give this a good benefit of doubt.

This is a very easy tea idea and is more of a guideline than a recipe. Even though the tea does not look appetizing in this picture, trust me the flavor and the aroma is just heavenly. It had that warm, nourishing feeling that regular black tea would just not do it. Substitute raspberry with other fruits like strawberry, blackberry etc.

raspberry_lemon_tea 006


  •  1 small cup raspberries (fresh/frozen)
  •  2 black tea bags
  •  Honey(optional)/ sugar/agave nectar
  •  Juice of lemon
  •  3 cups water

raspberry_lemon_tea 019


  •  Coarsely chop the raspberries. Boil a cup of water and add the chopped raspberries for 5 minutes. They cook very fast emitting a wonderful aroma.
  •  Allow it to cool and puree the cooked raspberries. Alternatively strain the cooked fruit and retain only the liquid. Keep aside. ( DH did not strain away the fruit ).
  •  Meanwhile make black tea the usual way and toward the end add the raspberry liquid and boil again.
  •  Add honey/sugar if you prefer at this time.
  •  Add lemon juice before serving and mix well. Drink hot or warm.
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  1. Sonu says:

    Wow…you are lucky to get this innovative Tea from your DH.:)I really came across to Raspberry Tea 1st time ever. Yes, first two pics looks so beautiful than 3rd one. Hope you are feeling good RC. 🙂
    Take care.

  2. Soma says:

    He he 🙂 I am with your DH! I am not very fond of “Syrup Tea” which my DH loves. I love herb teas & this sounds awesome! Love the 1st & 2nd pictures. makes me feel like I can grab one.

  3. Desi Soccer Mom says:

    Glad to know you are feeling better now Supriya. And I know, there is nothing better than DH making tea when you are sick. I have been lucky that T makes tea every morning before he goes to work.
    I love the raspberry pics but don’t apologize for the tea pic. They never do look as appetizing as the real thing. That being said, I too prefer hot tea, with milk and sugar and ginger.

  4. SuperChef says:

    Any hot tea/coffe recipe is welcome now that the cold season has started..ive tried fruit flavoured teas but never made one with fresh fruits. Its about time i started doing that.

  5. Madhuram says:

    Hi Supriya, I too was in a similar phase for the past couple of days. No blogging/blog hopping, cooking the bare minimum. The raspberry tea sounds so good. I think anything will be tasty when it is prepared by our DH when we are so dull and tired.

  6. spice says:

    Hope u r all fine now & back to normal…..can’t sayanything about tea, as I don’t drink…..but rasberries surely looks tempting….BTW thanks for diwali wishes….

  7. ujwal says:

    nice pics.. I loved the first and second pic.. wish I could grab some now..I am not a coffee or tea person. I can have coffee but tea never… Hope you are doing fine now 🙂

  8. Sharmila says:

    Ufff … what juicy looking rasberries! All ready to be scrunched on.:-)
    I looooove syrupy milky hot tea … like they sell in the roadside shops here. 🙂

  9. spice says:

    Hi there,
    Hop on to my blog whenever u get some time, u have been one of my inspirations for my blog…so I wanted to share my first awards with u…thanks

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