Watermelon Agua Fresca

watermelon_agua_fresca 002

Hope you all had a good weekend. We had a good one that included our usual weekend chores; cleaning, laundry, grocery and along with that we threw in a mix of Blueberry picking fare. We had been planning for the blueberry picking for a long time now, but it materialized only last week.

We went there with another friend of ours and it was fun time both for kids and adults as well. Fresh, luscious blueberries hand picked right off of the farm; close to the nature as we could get and it was a wonderful experience. In the two and half hours that we had been there, we managed to get close to a galloon of blueberries, all for a decent price.

The only complaint we had was the scorching summer heat. Well it was the end of June and in the state of Texas what else could we expect?  The less said about the heat the better. It was a payback time for all the good time that we had there. End of it all, we were craving for ice cold water and fresh juices, to quench that never ending thirst.

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Bitter Gourd Stir Fry

bittergourd_fry 006

I usually make either Karate Kismuri/ BitterGourd Onion Coconut Mix or Bitter Gourd Crisps/ Bittergourd Rings (Microwave) with bitter melons at home. Both are quick, easy and make wonderful side dishes with their bitterness hardly noticible. 

But on occasions when I have the time and energy I make this Biiter Gourd Stir Fry which is slightly elaborate. In this stir fry, bitter gourds are cooked along with onions and flavored with masala powder. If the Masala powder is made in advance then it reduces a lot of steps and all that is left is chopping and cooking.

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Kid’s Lunch; Simple Bell Pepper, Peas Pasta

kids_pasta 023

The kiddo loves pasta as far as I can remember.  We have been to many a long trips, functions, picnics etc carrying a bowl of pasta knowing a fall back option in case he does not eat anything else. But the caveat has been that eats the boiled pasta as is without any flavorings like tomato sauce, cheese or any vegetables in it. My worry had been more about the later than the former; hence I was on lookout for adding veggies that would appeal to him and also be nutritious. That is when the idea of adding onion and capsicum came in. 

The idea of adding onion and bell pepper to the pasta was an accidentally discovery. Few days ago, when we had been to our favorite joint Chipotle, for lunch he had his usual rice, black bean and corn combination. On that particular day the fajitas were very well done. Taking my chances I offered him little bit of their fajitas and he seemed to loved the taste of it.  So from that day on, I have been adding the combination of onion and pepper to other dishes as well including this pasta. 

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