A sleek Masala Box /Storage Bin Giveaway from GitaDini



Masala Dabba a round spice box usually made of steel is one of the quintessential part of many Indian kitchens. It has seven smaller bowls inside which holds seven different spices (ground or whole) or spice blends (masala). Growing up this was an essential part of my mom’s kitchen and this was the first thing that came out when the cooking started for the day. And now years later a stainless steel dabba filled with spices is an integral part of my kitchen too.

When a representative from the company GitaDini contacted me about the company and their products I was intrigued. Amongst their many products the one that caught my attention was this very different version of the Masala box; a new take on the traditional version. With twelve small containers this can hold five more spices or spice blends more than the traditional ones. As the box is made of plastic it is not bulky but much lighter than the ones made of steel. And the best thing is that if you do not want to store the usual spices, you can store something else.

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Here is more about the company and their products, right from their website.

GiaDini offers range of home accessories, products for the home and kitchen that are modern and functional to suit western lifestyles, but still reflect eastern culture and tradition.

The Yin Yang Storage Bin Set provides elegant, airtight storage for up to 12 different spices, herbs, seeds, nuts, etc. In addition to spice storage, it can help organize desk supplies, sewing materials, costume jewelry or other small items. Or fill it with chocolate or candy as a unique and practical housewarming gift! Available in a choice of three color combinations

  • 2 airtight, odorless plastic containers seal in freshness and flavor
  • Extended end tab for easy opening
  • Set includes 12 stainless steel containers – dishwasher safe
  • Set includes 2 plastic measuring scoops

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Now that I have piqued your interest here is your chance to get one through this giveaway. Thanks to GitiDini, one of these boxes can be yours.  If you would like to receive this sleek Storage box/Masala dabba then all you have to do is to leave your comment and follow these rules.


The rules could not be simpler, but please read it carefully.

  • Just leave a comment here saying if you own a spice box/masala dabba and what type.
  • One lucky person will be chosen at random. Make sure you provide your valid email address so that you can be contacted in case you are the winner.
  • Shipping will be done by GitiDini to United States address only.
  • The last date to enter a comment is midnight (CST) Friday January 18th.

That’s it! Now what are you waiting for, just get started. Good luck.

Draw: A winner will be selected at random on Saturday, January 19th and posted thereafter. I will also contact that person by sending an email; in case that person does not respond back within 2 days, another person will be chosen and contacted.

PS: People living outside of United States, do not despair, you can use this to gift your friends or relatives living here.

Thanks to GitiDini for letting me host this wonderful giveaway!

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  1. Joe Praveen says:

    I do own a Masala Dabba. Something very simple I got from South India- Bangalore about 10 years ago. It is made of steel and has 6 boxes to hold the masala and a measuring spoon. Nothing fancy- but it is getting time to replace it..

  2. Smitha Bhaskar says:

    I own a simple masala dabba. Its plastic and very old. I has 6 boxes. I bought it with me when I came to US for the first time….about 13 yrs back.


  3. Manasi says:

    OMG, that is such a cute Masala Dabba!

    I have big and blue, Tupperware Masala Dabba I am using for the last 7 years now.
    I have ( on a road trip/0 used it just as a dabba! kept all the compartments at home and put idlis in it, it was so useful, specially since it is larger than the average masala dabba.
    Unfortunately, one of us ( M or I, we are not sure who) kept the cover near the stove and the cover almost melted, well, almost, the cover now has a weird ‘bump’ where we saved it and plunged it under a stream of cold water 🙂
    No harm done 🙂

  4. mamatha says:

    I had masala dubba but left it in india when i came to Us. Right no I do not have. would like to have the lovely dubba mentioned.

  5. Priti says:

    I have a steel round masala dabba that has 7 little cups. I got it along with me when I came here 6 years ago.

  6. Navya says:

    I have a simple steel round masala dabba with 7 cups, similar to the one that my mom has. Love to win this giveaway.

  7. vani says:

    this is such a pretty and nice masala box. i owe a steel one with 7 cups from india which was given to me 13 yrs ago. 🙂

  8. Sunita says:

    Hi, This is such a cute masala box ! I have a steel masala dabba that my mother gave me about 8 years ago. It has 7 cups (that I use to keep mustard seeds, methi seeds, coriander seeds, urad dal, channa dal, cumin seeds and black pepper) and a plate on the top (that I use to keep dried red chillies). Thank you for maintaining such a nice blog and for this cute give away.

  9. Vinaya says:

    I have a plain old steel masala dabba at the moment. It has worked well for me so far but I would love to have this new one- its one of the cutest spice boxes I have seen in a long time!

  10. Ujwal says:

    This is one of the cutest masala dabbas I have ever seen! I have always wanted to own a masala dabba but while packing I forgot to pack one here so now I keep the masalas in separate containers.Will check this site for further products. I would love to have this

  11. Rohini says:

    I have created a masala dabba, when I didnt have one before. My friend who was leaving for India for good had given me her microwave muffin mold.So I used my baby’s gerber bottles and put them in the mold without lids. So this became my new masala dabba, which I use almost every day.

    Thank you for giving me a chance to share this.

  12. sunitha says:

    I am having steel masala dabba, it has 7 containers and a plate on top which i will put spoon and red chilies …I liked this masala dabba very much it is simply superb….thank you so much for this event…

  13. Christina/GitaDini says:

    Dear Supriya,

    thanks so much for reviewing our GitaDini Yin Yang Storage Bin and hosting this great giveaway. Best of luck to everyone entering! This Masala Dabba comes in three colorways: black/white, chocolate/copper and blue/silver.

    We’re very happy to see that everyone here likes the Yin Yang Storage Bin!


    PS: in case you don’t win but really want one, we sell them on http://www.gitadini.com, they’re $25, are shipped free and come in a pretty, re-usable sturdy gift box 🙂

  14. Lakshmi says:

    I don’t own a masala dabba but have small glass jars to store the regualarly used spices. Would love to win this give away 🙂

  15. Vani says:

    I don’t have a masala dabba 🙁 My mom and sis both have the typical steel round dabbas with 7 containers inside. This is the cutest masala dabba I’ve seen. And so practical too, with the 2 portions splitting up. Count me in for the draw 🙂

  16. shresta says:

    wow wow it is super….most of the Indians have masala dabba with out that it is difficult to cook food fast. with this dabba it is simple n easy to cook… i am having steel masala dabba with 7 containers inside.with 7 we can put only tadka things but in this we can put lot of spices and make our food more Delicious and easy n fast….with this I will check my luck…thank you so much for this lucky draw….

  17. Nick says:

    I do not own a spice box or masala dabba, although it looks VERY practical. I like the GitaDini YinYang design, very clever.

  18. Steve Biehler says:

    I do not have a nifty set of containers such as this ensemble. I have a bunch of purchased spice cans in a drawer that I pull out when preparing a spiced up dish. Thanks for the neat set. Even if I don’t receive this attractive masala dabba an idea has been generated to come up with one, home made or purchased.

  19. Seetha says:

    Hi I have a 7 dab as which I got from my moms place when I got married, still I am using it, but this looks nice and cool

  20. Madhuri says:

    I own like 9glass jar containers. They are basically nescafe coffee containers that i used to buy from a mexican grocery store called Fiesta mart in tx . The best part is visible. I grabbed few tiny plastic spoons from kroger grocery store at the bakery section. They ate tiny spoons used as sample spoons. I asked few from a lady working at the bakery section. I been using these containers for 8yrs. Earlier I never owned 1. They ate round and cute and all of them fit in my 1 shelf . Inspite of my moving from 1 state to other, I make sure I don t throw them. I wrap em safe cos those coffee powder isn’t available anymore :).

    Now seeing these masala dabba I sure would love to own 1.

  21. Dee says:

    I have steel masala dabba with seven containers which most of the indian have it…. But Giadini masala dabba looks trendy… This is the cutest dabba that I have seen…. Smart design…. Love to win this giveaway….


  22. Shubha says:

    Hi,What a wonderful idea!Atlast somebody thought of the housewife.Now we will be able to keep all the things needed for the tempering and seasoning together.Thank you very much.

  23. radha says:

    I have a steel one with six containers. But this one looks great. Deeper containers and two separate units in one. That makes it more convenient. Would love to get this and gift it to my brother in the US.

  24. Triveni says:

    This is such a sweet masala dabba. One can not believe its a masala dabba 🙂 I have a traditional stainless still masala dabba. That was the very first thing i bought along with belen (spin roller) 6 years before.Masala dabba has a special place right from our grandmothers kitchen to the newly wedded girls kitchen.Having all the spices handy in one dabba makes cooking easy.
    And i feel looking at this cute masala dabba any women will cherish cooking.:)

  25. Shilpa says:

    Its a sleek eye cathing dabba.
    I usually store my spices in small glass containers that we get from Ikea.

    Happy cooking!!

  26. Smitha says:

    I have a steel masala dabba with 7 containers that I brought from India several years ago. The GitaDini dabba looks trendy!

  27. Manasa says:

    I don’t own a masala dabba. I have a mason jars in which I store all my spices.
    This is a lovely one! Would love to get one! 🙂

  28. Shubha Satish says:

    Super!excellent! These adjectives are not enough for this innovative dabba, its creator,Gitadini and of course, you! I’m using small boxes for masalas, since I don’t own one. Well, started this New Year with a dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Count me in!

  29. Navya says:

    I have the traditional stainless steel dabba with 7 bowls. This is just awesome though… Such a clever yin-yang design apt for our different masalas

  30. Gita Muralidharan says:

    I have the usual 7 container box, looking for another one for the masalas. The GitaDine one looks great.

  31. Sudha says:

    Love the Masala Dabba!!

    I have a steel one with 7 bowls that I brought from India, but this Dabba is soo cute that I can see perfect place for it in my Kitchen 🙂

  32. Geetha says:

    I do own a masala box which is made of steel with small steel containers within. Very important item in the kitchen 🙂

  33. chikki says:

    I own a steel masala dabba with 7 bowls…this one looks great…with out masala dabba kitchen looks something missing…waiting for this one…fingers crossed.

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