Microwave Chocolate Pudding

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The wistful part about the weekend is that it is not long enough and gets over in no time; here you are dreaming of lazy, casual Saturday morning, anticipating in doing things in a relaxing, causal way and before you know it you are driven to a hectic, groggy, rush hour Monday morning in no time. The transformation 0-90 mph takes place at the blink of an eye! This week was very hectic for us, with so many activities lined; we hardly were at home the whole of Saturday and Sunday. 

Oh well, moving on… as is becoming a routine, DS is taking the idea of making/baking some new during the weekend pretty seriously. During the week, as and when he remembers he asks what we are going to bake during the weekend. The chocolate lover that he is usually asks for something that has chocolate (“Chlocate” as he calls it) in it.

 This week however, I did not have to do any planning as DS knew exactly what he wanted. Thanks to Caillou; there was one episode in which the bubbly Caillou goes gaga over Chocolate Pudding and prefers it over anything else. At the end of at all, we had one mesmerized 4.5 year old who could not stop talking about Chocolate pudding, proclaiming his love for it and how that was his most favorite dish. Errr…. the problem? DS (or for that matter his mom) had never tasted or seen Chocolate Pudding before. 

Persistent pleads were made to make the dish and so the mom caved in and a search was duly performed. The criteria were to look something that was not rich, easy to make and ingredients that were available on hand. So here goes:

Off this goes to MEC – Kids Party Food at Asan Khana . This event is a brain child of Srivalli.

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Low Fat Banana and Zucchini Cake

chocolate_zucchini_cake 002

I have blogging little more than 2.5 years now, yet I find it tricky to phrase the first paragraph. OK, let me re-phrase, tricky to form the first line of the post. Many a times, I complete the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs for the post, and then go back and finish off the first one. The ingredients and procedure are the easy parts, not much thinking involved there; it is just stating the steps, but not so much with the preceding paragraphs. Hey look, with these statements I have now managed to cross the hurdle, so let’s get back to the recipe, shall we?:-)

I had bookmarked this recipe here a long time ago and was waiting for a good time to try it.  The appealing factor for me was that not only is this eggless, low fat, no butter but the addition of bananas, zucchini that made it healthy. Plus I had not tried baking with zucchini earlier, so I was very curious about that. I got an opportunity last Sunday (what a glorious day that was!) when I had the right ingredients on hand (including zucchinis) and also the right amount of time.

 This recipe can be adapted to make either bread or muffins. Please note that this takes a long time to bake, but the taste is never the less delicious. I made some changes to the recipe by adding cocoa powder, reducing sugar, oil etc. The addition of zucchini made this soft; however it made no difference to the taste. The flavor of banana was powering everything else. The cake turned out soft and dense, but not moist. Good one to have for a quick snack or for breakfast along with tea or coffee.

Off this goes to Bake Off Event at Versatile Kitchen.

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Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

oatmeal_raisin_cookie 001

After some streaks of unsuccessful attempts in baking using Flax Meal (as substitute for egg), I was thrilled when I was successful in making these Egg Free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. The taste is close to the original (with eggs) and there is hardly indicator of the presence of flax seeds meal in these cookies. The cookie is crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, the addition of raisins gives it a special taste and texture. 

I have tried some Eggless recipes before with some easy substitutes, but this was the first time, I tried out a tricky substitute and I am so glad I did. This success opens up a new door and gives me a whole new arena to try and experiment. 

The major source of this recipe is the Joy of Vegan Baking. There are lots of vegan baking recipes in that book and for a beginner like me I found this book very useful. The information about egg substitutes is very detailed and reliable. That reliability and assurance prompted me to try this recipe. I cannot wait to try other recipes from this book! 

According to the book, Joy of Vegan Baking, ground flax seeds have a nutty flavor and works best if used in recipes like pancakes, waffles, muffins, breads and oatmeal cookies. Hence I chose the flax meal substitute for this oatmeal Raisin cookie.

As an added bonus Flax seeds are high in fiber and natural cholesterol controllers and concentrated source of omega-3 fatty acids.There is also some evidence it can help reduce risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes

On an ending note, substitute for Egg: Flaxseed meal. Does it work? Check out this article on NYTimes.com here. If you are using flax meal substitute for the first time, then this article is a good read.

Also Champa has provided an useful information: If you don’t want to use flax seeds, just add 2 TBSP of corn starch to the dry ingredients and add 2 TBSP of water to the wet ingredients (or creamed mixture) and it works like a charm in cookies. Thanks Champa, I will definitely keep this in mind.


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