Mini Savory Buns/ Khara Buns

mini_savory_buns 002

Ever since I saw those beauties on her blog, I have not been able to get them out of my head and have been meaning to try them ever since. Something about them brings back warm memories and takes you back to those childhood carefree days. These savory buns called as Khara Buns in Kannada were regular in our house and we used to have it as a tea time snack. The famous Iyengar Bakeries of Bangalore specialized in making them.

 I am so glad that I tried them at home. They are easy to make and as Sharmi says, most of the time is spent in the waiting for the dough to get fermented.

 We had this with our evening tea and with our deeply engrossing conversation they were gone in no time.

 Me “Do you think they turned a little dark and hard on the outside?”

DH “No they are just fine, I wish they were spicy like the khara buns we got back home”

 Me “Sigh, they did not turn out as golden as Bharthy’s or as fluffy as Sharmi’s

DH” You definitely need to make them again and make sure you make it spicier”

 OK, next time I will make it spicier and make sure they are light brown and not hard on the outside! But this is definitely a keeper and worth a try. Thanks Bharthy  and Sharmi for sharing this.

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Eggless Cinnamon Coffee Cake


cinnamon_coffee_cake 005

So what is a Coffee Cake? Turns out it is a class of cake intended to be served with coffee or during breaks. They do not need to contain coffee in them. Coffee cakes are typically flavored with cinnamon, nuts, and fruits. These cakes sometimes have a crumbly topping called as Streusel. 

It has been a while since I posted recipe for cakes/muffins; not because I have not been baking, but because the baking experiments were not successful and not worthy of posting them here on the blog. The baking that I do is all eggless and I am on look for recipes that are egg free. 

I recently purchased Ener-G egg replacer and wanted to experiment something with it.  This is used as a substitute for egg.  I chose this Cinnamon Coffee Cake as it was simple and not laden with calories. So I finally baked it and below are some positives and negatives as I found them.

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Black Bean Cornbread Bake/ Casserole

corn_bake 004

I had this dish almost 10 years ago at the company cafeteria I used to work for way back then. (Aww shucks, that was a decade ago, I cannot believe how time flies!) That was during the height of dot com boom and everything in the company was extravagant. Free breakfast, free lunches, pizza days, free stuff from the vending machines, pool tables, gymn, TT tables, birthdays, picnics and what have you. It was bliss, except for the work schedule as that was extremely crazy; we had to work long hours even during the weekends. But somehow people did not seem to care and worked their heads off.

I was new to the country then, new to the company and oblivious to the cuisine choices. Being a vegetarian limited my choices even further. So most of the times I used to take my own lunch to work, but on occasions when I could not I would eat at the cafeteria. After some trials and tribulations this Black Bean Cornbread was on the top of my list of food choices at the cafeteria.  But that did not last long. (No, not the choice of food, the cafeteria itself).

Less than the year later the dot com bust happened and that devoured the company, closing the cafeteria, leaving the people and assets in shambles. The company dis-integrated and the people dispersed looking for newer ventures and greener pastures. I moved on too and as time passed, the memory faded and I forgot about this dish as well.

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