Besan Ladoo

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Laddus or Laddoos as they are called are one of the most famous and liked Indian sweets. They are usually prepared during festivals like diwali, functions, auspicious occasions like marriages etc. There are different types of Laddos depending on what they are made up of and named that way.  They could be made of flours or sesame or coconut, sooji/semolina etc and rolled into balls. I have already posted different types of Laddos like the ‘Nariyal ka Ladoo, ‘Atta Laddos, ‘Til Ka Ladoo and now I am posting Besan ke Laduu. 

The Besan Ladoos are made up of gram flour or Besan. This is my mom’s recipe and I do have to admit it that these delicious ladoos were prepared by her as well. They were sent a long time ago from India along with other goodies like Atta Laddos, Sesame Laddos, Menthe Hittu, Chaklis etc. I had taken pictures of these ladoos way back then, but doing a post of it only now. Now that I have a tasted, proven and approved recipe that I can refer to I hope I will prepare these on my own on apt occasions without excuses. 🙂 

Even though this is a simple recipe, with few steps the tough part is the stirring of the besan in the ghee continuously until it gets an even brown color and a nutty flavor. Also this recipe uses a liberal amount of ghee (clarified butter) without which or any type of substitute the laddu will not taste the same. But since it is made of special occasions, the effort is all worth it.

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Wheat Flour Laddos (Churmundo/ Atta Ladoo /Pitta Undo)

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The package arrived from India without any problem and out came the treats one by one. There was Besan Laddoo, Chaklis, Tukdis, Atta Laddos, Sesame Laddos, Menthe Hittu etc all prepared and packed with love. It has been a field day for us here ever since we received the goodies from back home and we have been relishing them everyday with joy. 

My mom made these Wheat Flour Laddos. She has a knack for making these and makes them delightful and yummy. These laddos are not very sweet with subtle flavor of the wheat and hardly any visibility of the ghee. These Atta laddos are a childhood favorite of mine and I prefer them over the Besan Laddos. Of course, it is a tight race and on some days I can be swayed one way or I cannot make up my mind. Needless to say these are happy problems and I am not complaining. I am glad that DS loved these as well. 

I have made microwave version of these before. You can check them out here.

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Oats Vermicelli Pudding/ Oats Semiya Payasam

We love all sorts of Kheer at home, but love Semiya/Vermicelli kheer the best. I make simple vermicelli Kheer as is or in combination with Saboodana. A good friend of mine had tried my Mango Oats Kheer and liked the idea. She suggested adding Oats to the regular Vermicelli Kheer and I loved the idea.

I tried the kheer a few days ago and we loved the taste. The taste is no different than a regular Semiyan Kheer. However addition of Oats makes it thick and sticky. Nevertheless it is easy and healthy too.

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