Back to the Roots- Gourmet Mushroom Kit Giveaway

If you love mushrooms, mushroom dishes and love to cook with them, then why not try to grow them on your own? After all, growing your own veggies is a fulfilling, rewarding experience. However the process could be time consuming and for many even not possible due to the lack of space. But then what if you could grow mushrooms in just 10 days, right out of a bag and all on windowsill? Too good to be true? Well, that is the idea behind the project at Back to the Roots.

 Back to the Roots is a company founded by two guys during their last semester at UC Berkeley in Oakland, California. Here is what Nikhil Arora one of the co-founders has to say about this project, “We just launched the Easy-to-Grow Mushroom Garden, which now let’s anyone grow up to 1 1/2 lbs of gourmet oyster mushrooms in as little as 10 days…right out of the little brown box! Just set on a windowsill, mist twice a day, and watch them pop right out by day 7! The soil inside is composed entirely of recycled coffee grounds – a safe & sustainable soil for the mushrooms.”

 It is a fun family-kids project and I know that I would love to have one for my 5 1/2 year old. Who would not love to see products grow in just 10 days? Plus it is eco-friendly as the mushrooms are grown using recycled coffee grounds as soil.

 Head to their site to read their story, get inspired and also get some cool mushroom recipes. Also check them out on FaceBook and Twitter. 


Also they just launched a campaign, where if you post a picture on their FB page of your fully grown kit in hand, they will send a sustainability curriculum and free kit to an elementary school of your choice. 

Discount code: If you would like to purchase your very own kit, visit Back to the Roots and enter the discount code mushrooms4me10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase.

Now onto the Giveaway. The folks at BTTR have offered to give a Back To The Roots Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit free to one lucky reader! 

Now onto the rules, there are not many but then please read carefully


  • Leave a comment here on this post telling your favorite mushroom dish.
  • Be sure to leave a valid email, so that I can contact you.
  • Deadline for this giveaway is Sunday July10th midnight US Central Time.
  • Only one entry per person and one lucky winner will be chosen. 

Note: This giveaway is open to U.S residents only. Good luck!

Light Lunches Month @RedChillies plus a Cookbook Giveaway

Remember the Dosa Month event I had a while ago? Well, I plan to do another event on similar lines for the month of June and the theme that I have chosen Light Lunches.

 I have had several friends ask me what I do for lunch at work like if I eat out, pack lunch etc. Well, I pack my own lunch and take it to work 95% of the time. I do not have anything against eating out, but being a vegetarian I think the choices are limited when eating out.  We do have a small, decent cafeteria in our office building. But the problem is that they have at most 2-3 options for the vegetarians. After eating there for few days it starts getting monotonous and I feel like shouting over the roof tops for some change. (OK, that was a bit of exaggeration).

Plus I am way too lazy to go out and grab some lunch. I cannot imagine myself walking out to the parking lot, taking my car, driving all the way to get lunch, drive back and then eat lunch; that is just not me. I would rather spend that ‘precious’ time with my colleagues or sit at my desk browse for some recipes or catch up a thing or two about my blog. “wink wink”.

Long story short I take my lunch to work. As a result I have control over the ingredients, calories but important of all the portion size. Portion control is very important as it is easy to over indulge especially while eating outside.

 I usually take rotis/sabji, or rice-sabji that is left over from the previous night’s dinner.  But now I am feeling a bit stuck with the same old stuff and ready for a change. So with this theme, I plan to diversify and try out and learn some new ideas in the process. Lunch ideas that will hopefully brighten the afternoons, boost health and shrink the expanding waistline (I will not go too much in detail about the last part as some things are better left unsaid). So the key to this theme would be to come up with

  • Vegetarian lunch like salads, sandwiches, rice, soups.
  • Easy lunch ideas that can be made the previous day.
  • Low calorie yet bursting with flavors.

Now for another interesting part, which is the “Taste of Home” Cook Book Giveaway.  There are about 370 recipe ideas which include pizza, salads, main course and desserts in both vegetarians and non-vegetarian category.

  • To be able to participate in this cookbook giveaway, leave a comment on this post by telling your favorite light and easy lunch.
  • Become a fan of RedChillies page on FaceBook. If you already are then thank you, but please mention the same.

You do not need to have a blog to participate in this giveaway. But please make sure that you have put in a valid email address, so that I can contact you when you win.

The last date for this giveaway is June 20th, 2011. Winner will be announced soon after.

Giveaway is open to individuals with shipping addresses within United States and Canada. For people outside of these two countries, you may still enter and have it shipped to a person of your choice with U.S. or Canada.

Good luck!

The bug has bitten, come join us won’t you?

Errr…..people, people before you jump to any conclusion, it is just the shutter bug that I am referring to, not any other type of bug!  You know, that interest and enthusiasm for amateur photography, right?  That is the bug I am referring to 🙂 

Well this ‘bug’ bite is not something new as we (DH and I) have been taking pictures for a long time now. When we are not cooking, cleaning, arguing, or driving each other nuts (ahem), then you can find us taking pictures.  We take pictures of anything that catches our fancy; food, nature, people, architecture but mainly food as taking pictures on this blog drove us to explore and experiment and catch the ‘bug’.


Of course, we are still amateurs, learning and we have a long long long way to go. The camera has now become our good friend and we don’t go out anywhere without it.

 Did I mention that you can find us on flickr? So pour some tea/coffee/mango juice, make yourself comfortable and join us won’t you? We would appreciate if you can leave us some feedback; suggestions, comments, how to improve etc and promise no ‘bugs’ will bite you there  🙂

RedChillies on Flickr