Tomato Mint Pilaf

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I have to give full credit to DH for this recipe of Tomato Mint Pilaf, as he took over the mantle of chopping, cooking, preparing and even cleaning. Now DH is a talented, but reluctant cook.  In a decade’s time that I have known him, it must have been a handful of times; he has done any full fledged cooking. But when he cooks he does it with passion and enthusiasm and that readily shows up in the final outcome. But then for the past few weeks (knock on the wood) DH is on a roll in churning out recipes with keen interest and passion. So I am making good use of the opportunity by remaining ‘invisible’ as much as possible.

This recipe came out on a need basis. It was one of those lazy Friday nights when we did not have interest to do any full fledged cooking nor did we have interest to order a Pizza. There was some left over rice, almost empty fridge except for some Tomatoes and Mint.  We discussed through some ideas and came up with this recipe; however we did not have any expectations for its taste. But then the rice was actually prepared we were in for a pleasant surprise. The rice jelled very well in combination with Tomatoes, Onion-Garlic, and the daals in the background. Addition of mint enhanced the flavor of tomatoes.

This is a good one to prepare if there is left over rice, just some basic vegetables and when there is no enough time on hand.

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Mint Rice/ Pudina Pulao



Hope you all had a relaxing weekend and now it is back to the grind already. We had a hectic Saturday and were out of the house most of the time, taking the kid to ice-skating, finishing up some chores etc. 


We made up for that on Sunday, by staying at home, relaxing and doing work around the house. I did not have the mood to cook something elaborate and made this quick and easy Mint Pulav. Serve with Raita and some roasted Pappads and it is a meal by itself. 

For making this I have been inspired by many people my mom, friend Subbi and also little bit of experience. I do not like making a paste of the mint leaves as I feel the aroma and flavor is lost. So I chop it and mix it along with onions and fry it in oil. 


The best part about this dish is the fragrance and the aroma it imparts. The whole house smells pretty amazing which gives me a cosy and comfortable feeling.




Note: There were few comments about preventing the pulao/ rice from sticking when made in the pressure cooker. So I thought of adding that note here:  

Here are some useful tips to prevent rice from sticking: 

  • I have had good success cooking pulav/pulao in the pressure cooker. If using Basmati Rice, then add slightly less water than the required. Example, if using 1 cup rice, then the norm is to use 2 cups water. In this case, use slightly less than that.
  • Soaking the rice in water for 30 minutes before making the rice helps.
  • I allow only 2 whistles to blow from pressure cooker and then switch it off. More count than that also makes the rice over cook. ( I use the Hawkins style cooker, it might vary for other pressure cookers).
  • Also after all the seasonings, water is added to the rice, close the lid only after the water is boiled. This way the pressure is released early and does not over cook the rice.
  • A friend of mine has added that rice/pulao in a cooker cooks well on gas stove rather than on electric stove. 



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Beetroot Rasam Rice


Growing up I don’t remember being fond of Rasam. In fact, nobody in my family had inclination towards it and so my mother hardly prepared it. The only ones we had were at restaurants or at some functions.


But then after marriage things changed and now I make it pretty often as DH is very fond of it. I use the Rasam Powder from MTR and we love it. We feel that it has an authentic flavor and taste to it. The Rasam I make is of a thicker daal like consistency unlike the thinner version called “Thilli Rasam” that most people make.


I also make this easy Beetroot Rasam Rice often.  For this dish, I cook all the ingredients in the pressure cooker and the rice is done in a jiffy. The Beetroot can be substituted for any other vegetable of choice. But I personally feel that the sweet taste of beetroot complements well with the aromatic flavors of the Rasam powder while the daal evens out the spice level of the Rasam powder. This along with some Raita and Pappads makes a complete meal by itself.


While putting together this post, much to my surprise realized that I have prepared so many other dishes using the Rasam powder like Masala Upma, Dry Brinjal Potato Fry ,Easy Tomato Onion Side Dish and of course Tomato Rasam.


This is my contribution to the Event  Ravishing Rice  hosted by Nags. This event is a brainchild of Meeta.


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