Tomato Thokku (Chutney, Pachadi)

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It was one of those rare days when Dear Husband volunteered to cook in the kitchen and whip out one of his specialty dish “Tomato Thokku”. Tomato Tokku is the equivalent of Tomato Chutney or Tomato Pachadi. He had tasted this Tokku in Bangalore at his friend’s place and apparently the friend’s mother was an expert in making this. He had learnt the recipe then but managed to remember it even after so many years.

I seized this opportunity, silently thanked the heavens and mumbled something about having an important work and disappeared from the kitchen. I however conveniently managed to appear just toward the end to savor it and also click some pictures. 

A little goes a long way with this chutney as it is spicy and hot. 2 tsps of this chutney on piping hot bowful of rice, mixed well and when savored is virtual heaven.


  • 5-6 medium ripe tomatoes
  • 2 tsp urad daal
  • 1 tsp methi seeds
  • 5-6 cloves of garlic
  • 4-5 curry leaves
  • Hing/asafetida
  • Turmeric
  • Red chilli powder
  • 2-3 red chillies broken into 1 inch piece
  • Salt, mustard seeds
  • 1/2 cup oil (canola/groundnut)

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  • Wash the tomatoes very well and chop them into small pieces.
  • Add salt, turmeric, red chilli powder to this, mix and let it rest to marinate for about 15 minutes.


  • Heat a heavy bottom flat pan and add part of the oil ( just enough for the tadka)
  • Add mustard, methi seeds, asafetida and fry until the mustard splutters.
  • Add crushed garlic and sauté until the garlic turns golden brown.
  • Add curry leaves and fry for a while.
  • Add red chillies to the mix and stir for a little bit.
  • Add the chopped tomatoes mixture to it and sauté for a while.
  • Keep adding oil in batches. Let it continue to cook, until the oil leaves the sides.

Allow to cool. This can be served with rice or rotis especially rice. This can be stored in an air tight container and usually lasts for about a week in the fridge.