Sleepless nights …


There are days when life throws at you a curveball, jostling you off of the comfort zone and puts you in an undesirable, rough situation. In my case this time the curveball was lack of sleep for days together. This past 2 weeks saw me waking up at an oddly 2:00 AM everyday to handle our customer’s file and making sure that the file transfer was successful. After all, I thought we were dealing with multi-million dollar business; and it was an opportunity for our company, our team and the responsible person that I am, I decided to volunteer for this job.

Now the job monitoring is only a 15 minute work, but the tricky part for me is the going back to sleep after the job is done. I am not the type of person who gets sleep very easily and God forbid if I have some issues lurking in my head, I can toss around twisting and turning in my bed for hours thinking about trivial and not so trivial issues, getting frustrated, agitated but with no solutions in sight.

This would carry over the next day as I had to go on functioning with my usual work at office, resolve issues, take care of the toddler, cook, clean etc and many a times, I would walk like a zombie, restless, light headed and I swear sometimes I even could not feel my feet on the ground.

But finally during the weekend, with a rest-full night of sleep, waking up to the sight of bright morning sunlight, chilling to a cup of orange juice and the sight of the loved ones I felt the calmness, joy that I had lost for a few days, concluding that life is beautiful after all and that I have been blessed with a rich and fulfilling life. Life is so much more after all!

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