One rainy evening, with thunder and lightning blazing in the background, I sat by the kitchen window with a sense of déjà vu watching the rain pour by and dreaming of devouring on some crunchies and munchies. I heard my Dear Husband (DH) say” Dear Wife, we need to incorporate Bitter Gourd in our food everyday and I have an awesome idea”.


Dear Wife (DW) (almost falling off the edge of the chair) “Ewww! Bitter Gourd we do? Why oh why?”

DH: “Haven’t you heard of the nutritional value of the bitter gourd?”

DW: “Right! So we deep fry?”

DH: “Nope”

DW: Bitter Gourd ghashi?”

DH: “Nah”

DW: “Bitter Gourd chutney?”

DH: “Not even close”

DW: “Drink raw Bitter Gourd juice”

DH: “Negative”

DW (getting flustered) “Bake a Bitter Gourd cake?”

DH (shocked) “Who in the right mind would do that?”

DW: “I don’t know, somebody in a bad mood I guess”

DH: “Nooo”

DW: “OK, I give up. What am I missing?”

DH: “Elementary my dear Watson, Bitter Gourd Crisps in Microwave”

DW: “Ah! Now we are getting somewhere. Show me how”


Bitter Gourd Crisp


  • 1 medium sized bitter gourd (karela/bitter melon)
  • Oil, salt
  • Turmeric, chilli powder


  • Clean the bitter gourd thoroughly and cut it into small thin disks.
  • Take a microwave safe plate (preferably glass) and place the bitter gourd disks.
  • Put 2 tsps of oil, sprinkle salt, turmeric, and red chilli and mix well so that each disk gets a proper coating. Do not stck the disks on top of each other.
  •  Place this in the microwave for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes take a peek and move around some disks lightly, just to make sure that they don’t stick to the plate.
  • Microwave for 2 more minutes again and repeat the same process as above.
  • When they start to get crisp, continue to microwave for only a minute.
  • Repeat the process until they all become crisp. 

They are crispy and yummy and form a wonderful, low fat side dish! 

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