Pineapple in Spicy Sweet Coconut Curry (Ananas Sasam)

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We have been married for quite a few years now, long enough to understand and predict each others tastes, likes and dislikes. Or so I thought, until a routine trip to the grocery proved that I had concluded a bit too soon.

I have a penchant for the sweet taste; he on the other hand steers away from it and even cannot withstand the sweetish taste of vegetables like zucchini, sweet peppers in the cooking. He would rather chew on some hot chillies than ogle at cookies and cakes. But then wait; he loves fruits and does savor some Rasmalai and Puran Poli (Obbattu) on some special occasions, but that’s about it.

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So while on a regular trip to the grocery, we were gazing at some good looking pineapples, he startled me when he said that “Pineapple Sasam” was one of his favorite curries. I had never prepared this before and nor had my MIL when she was here. Now “sasam” in Konkani is a coconut based curry that is a combination of sweet, sour, salty and spicy predominantly sweetish taste. Anyway, who knew? I guess, there is some thing new that you learn about a person everyday.

I on my part did not waste any time to try out this new and importantly sweet recipe. I made some quick phone calls to the appropriate personnel (read MIL) and got the recipe right away. She gave me two versions and this is the version that I tried. This is good dish to prepare on special occasions.





Pine apple sasam

























  • 1 small pineapple (ripe) [3 cups of chopped pineapple]
  • Oil
  • Mustard seeds
  • Asafetida
  • curry leaves
  • salt 

Masala to grind: 

  • 1 cup shredded coconut fresh/frozen
  • 1/2 tsp mustard seeds
  • Little tamarind paste (2 tsps)
  • 3-4 red chillies [I use byadgi dried chillies, pre-roasted in a drop of oil]
  • jaggery for taste


  • Grind the ingredients for the masala above by adding water and making a paste. 
  •  Remove the peel from pineapple. Dice the pineapple into bit sized chunks.







  • Heat oil in a thick bottom pan. Add mustard seeds and allow it to splutter.
  • Add the curry leaves, then asafetida and mix well.
  • Add the chopped diced pineapple and stir until it cooks up. (This does not take a long time, about 5 minutes).
  • Add the ground masala paste, salt and cook until the raw smell of the coconut paste is gone. Add little oil if necessary.

This can be served with rotis/phulkas or as an accompaniment with rice.    



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  1. ranji says:

    hi..happy to meet a fellow konkani blogger….i love this sassam especially the combo of pineapple and coconut is great!!!

  2. Mansi says:

    that looks lovely RC! yeah, fruits do add a nice zing to curries, I recently discovered that when I made my sweet and sour potatoes with mango sauce:)

  3. bee says:

    awesome. i am so making this. i have to tell you again, that the vadas made in the appam pan are our weekend chai time fare regularly now. so are the dahi wadas.

  4. Meera says:

    Sasam looks delicious. I have tasted it with mangoes – Mango sasam. and also delicious anasa phanasa bhaji – pineapple/jackfruit curry.
    You made me very nostalgic. Thanks for sharing.

  5. RedChillies says:

    Thanks so much Sunita. 🙂

    Hi Ranji, Namaskaru, welcome! What can we Amchis do without coconut ?

    Raaga, I have seen your version too and that is another variety that my MIL had mentioned.

    Thanks Anjali. Please do try it.

    Potatoes and mango sauce, now that must be deadly 🙂 Let me go check your blog. 🙂

  6. RedChillies says:

    Oh Bee! You are the sweetest. Thanks for letting me know and making my day, I am so glad that you like it.

    Thanks Cham. It is really unique indeed.

    Meera, phanas and ananas ? Now that is very new to me. I need to go look at your blog.

    thanks Trupti, so glad you liked it.

    Dee, no coconut? Now that is new to me. I need to try that as well.

    Thanks Dhivya, do try if you get a chance. I am sure you will like it.

    Thank you so much Kalai.

  7. Purnima says:

    What a co-incidence!I hv made ambe-avnasa saasam yest! It tastes gr8 wt addition of alphonso pcs+few green n red grapes! A wedding or festive speciality! Thanks 4 sharing urs!

  8. sana says:

    I had this recipe saved since you posted it, because we love pineapple. I made this and it was awesome. took like 10 mins to make it. I used can pineapple and chilli flakes and canned coconut milk :). We LOVED it!! I am linking your recipe on my blog as well. THANK YOU!!

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