Should I, Shouldn’t I? These questions have been swirling in my head for a while and I have been debating different options but finally I have decided to take that bold step and lift that weight from my head. I am finally, participating in the CLICK event and here is my entry for that event. 


Huh? What is your problem and what is the big deal, you ask?

Well, hitherto this I had not participated in this fun, talented event. There was some hesitation on my part to participate, not sure why and I did not spend time questioning the reasoning behind this either.  But then to set the matters straight, I decided to and look straight into the eye of the ‘bull’ so to speak. Ignoring all the curious stares from the husband and son, I proceeded to do some self-searching this weekend and concluded that my indisposition to participate was because I was stuck somewhere along the lines of these lowly feelings: 

  • All the entries in the event are very professional and mine will be lost in the middle of nowhere.
  • Any picture I take is not good enough to submit in a competition and I cannot think of a decent shot.

  Jeez, ever heard of the “spirit of participation”, you ask?

I know, I know it is the spirit of the participation that matters: not the actual winning or the loosing. I have been told this by my parents as far as I can remember. But knowing is one thing but actually doing it is another thing altogether.

Now that you have attained ‘Nirvana’ do you plan to go to the Himalayas, you ask?

No, no rest assured on the contrary I am staying here and participating in more events. I plan to be myself, have fun and focus on the spirit of participating in a competing event. At least I can proudly tell my son to follow suit without feeling shallow and hypocritical. 

PS: I had clicked this picture few months ago and this is kind of my trademark image. I had checked with Bee, if that was acceptable and she had gladly agreed.

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