Tried & Tasted: Rajma Curry

When Tried and Tasted event was declared this month with featured blog as Lisa’s Kitchen, I did not want to miss the opportunity of sending my entry. I have been following Lisa’s blog for a long time now and recipes that she features are the ones that are close to my heart. First of all she publishes only vegetarian recipes, second they are healthy and then her choice of pre-dominantly Indian flavor is few things I can relate to totally. Her choice of lentils, pulses, spices in her creations are something that I can use in my everyday cooking. Being hard pressed for time, I am always on the look out for such recipes.

There are so many things that I have learnt from her style of cooking. There are lots of recipes that I have bookmarked from her site. I wanted to blog more than one for this occasion, but due to lack of time and hectic work schedule was able to get at least one of them on time J

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Tomato Rice /Thakkali Sadham Recipe

tomato_rice 011

On our last visit to India more than 2 months ago, my mother had prepared very delicious and fragrant Tomato Rice with mint. That along with a yogurt raita made a quick fix and light tasting dinner. Quite frankly I am not a huge fan of Tomato Rice and when she proceeded to make the Tomato Rice I was not pleased and had that smirk on my face. But she nudged along and asked me to try it as it was a new recipe and the others in the family just loved it.

Quite grudgingly I tried it, but was blown away as the taste was not what I had expected and it was just delicious. After shedding a few tears of happiness, not so surprisingly I also hastily jotted down the recipe and decided to try it later on my own.

OK, OK if you have read so far and thinking that this the recipe that I had jotted then, then no you are thinking way far aheadJ. The story with my trial takes a u-turn here. I tried the recipe for Tomato Rice that I had written and it was a disaster. Just everything about it went wrong and taste was nowhere near the original one. Need less to say I was crushed and decided to try it again after pestering my Mom for the recipe again with step by step details. I am yet to try that recipe though. Mother’s have that special touch don’t they? J 

Anyway, last week I was looking for some easy rice ideas when I decided to make this Tomato Rice the original way by making the masala powder from scratch. While writing this post I also realized that there are two other quick ways of making this Tomato Rice all with very good results.

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Oat Mango Kheer (Pudding)

mango_oats_kheer 013

Eating Oatmeal for breakfast is our everyday ritual including the weekends. On week days it is more of a rush as everybody leaves to go to work and we do not sit and enjoy the taste. On the weekends we have regular cooked oatmeal along with Orange Juice. We add nuts, dry fruits, cinnamon and some brown sugar to our regular oatmeal, and so the combination is good way to kick start the day.


The benefit of eating oatmeal is immense and following are some of its uses:


·         Help dieters’ cholesterol.

·         Improve LDL cholesterol profile.

·         Curb inflammation. Lab tests show that antioxidants in oats have anti-inflammatory properties.

·         Reap whole-grain perks against high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and weight gain. (Source)



Dear Husband (DH) is very fond of oatmeal and enjoys it with good amount of dry fruits and nuts. In fact, it was his idea of making this Mango Kheer.

I made this by first cooking the oats, then added milk, cardamom and then finally the store bought ready mango pulp. Mango, cardamom along with milk makes a beautiful combination and oatmeal only adds a good texture. While eating this I realized that we could add Sago to this and make it softer and thicker.


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