Plain Eggless Cake (Orange flavored)

plain_cake_orange 020

You know how kids like celebrating their birthdays, getting presents, cutting cake, blowing candles etc? OK, so our 4 year old is no different. He enjoys celebrating his birthday; and the part that he likes the best is singing Happy Birthday to him, followed by blowing off the candles. The joy on his face at the end of it all is priceless. We are sure he would not mind repeating the process every single day and still enjoy the same. In fact, we have heard him say “Happy Birthday” and blow candles even in his sleep.  

As a result of this innocent fascination we celebrate his mock birthday every now and then. Any opportunity we get, we buy a small cake, sing and let him blow the candles. So for this Christmas, we planned on doing his mock birthday and make it a special day for him. The morning started off with a gift from Santa, a toy helicopter just like he had wished for. As a bonus Santa in spite of being busy and stuff called up his dad and told how proud he was of the ‘big boy’. 🙂

In the evening I baked this simple Eggless cake and he helped me with the mixing etc. I used store brought icing  and then he topped it off with some sprinklers. He chose 10 candles, put it on the cake and had fun time blowing it, all this after we sang “Happy      Birthday” to him (of courseJ) OK, so the gift and the blowing ritual made his day. He went around telling anybody and everybody about the gift and the fact that Santa is very proud of him.  

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And then… snowed!

snow 027

After a glorious week, with the temperature in the 70s (F), here in our neck of the woods, the weather finally caved in and made way for some pretty snow. Until yesterday we walked around the stores with just a sweater, talking how unusual it was for this time of the year. While the north east bore the brunt, we enjoyed a pleasant weather. Maybe we spoke a bit too loud as it started early in the morning the very next day.

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