Garlic Chips


I think I have not met a person who enjoys and loves garlic as much as my husband. There is this sense of delight and element of joy whenever he sees it or savors something that has garlic in it. In fact he goes on to say that garlic and olive oil are two things in this world that are straight from heaven. Frankly I love garlic too, but on select things like when it is seasoned in a coconut curry or garlic chutney or garlic naan etc but then that’s about it.

garlic_ships 012


Many a time this passion works out in my favor. For example, I yelp out”Oh no, we are out of garlic for this week” late Friday night just with in Dear husband’s earshot. So the next morning before I know my most reluctant, grocery detesting husband has made a beeline to the grocery to replenish all the finished items J

 On the other hand in pursuance of this passion we also end up with unnecessary things. We have accumulated about 10 gadgets at home all dealing with garlic; peeler, slicer, grater, presser and for roasting. So what is bad about all that? No it is not clutter that I am complaining about but the fact that nothing works! After all the trials, on the gadgets the best way to use garlic in cooking is by manually peeling it and then chopping it using the knife.


Coming back to this recipe, I had seen this recipe long time ago in Rachael Ray’s program. It is very easy to make and does not involve any deep frying. This is very easy to make once the garlic is peeled. This along with Oven Roasted garlic is pretty common at our house.



  • 20-25 big garlic pods (peeled)
  • salt
  • Olive Oil


  • Peel the garlic and cut them into small thin disks.
  • Take a heavy bottom flat pan and add oil on medium heat.
  •  Add the diced garlic, salt and stir it until the garlic is cooked and gets a light brown color. Add more oil in intervals if necessary. (At this time the aroma is amazing)