Instant Sweet Appe/Paniyaram/Paddu

banana_paniyaram 005

There is something fun and exciting about Road Trips isn’t it? Just the thought itself gives me a warm feeling, good enough to drive away those blues! We had been on a Road trip recently for few days and it was good change for us to get away from the grind. 

Now what is road trip without good stuff to eat, right? Being a foodie it is not unusual for me to pack lots of stuff to munch and crunch along the way. So I packed the some junk stuff like store brought chips, cakes, chivdas, murukkus, chaklis etc. As if that were not enough I made this quick and easy Sweet Banana Appe to take along. Forget about those depressing things like dieting or calories as even they can take a break and go fish 🙂 

OK you sense my excitement here, but let me make it clear, that these Appes are not loaded, but the other stuff that I mentioned before really are! The word Appe (Konkani cooking word) is also referred to as “Ponganalu/Paniyaram/Uniyappam/Paddu in different Indian languages and is cooked in a special skillet called Aebleskiver pan. To see how the Aebleskiver pan/skillet looks like check here

As I have said before, I made this for our trip, but then I did not have enough time to take bunch of pictures, but I did manage to get couple of pictures though. Any more pictures then I would have had to deal with the sneering looks of DH and DS. 🙂


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Kid’s Lunch; Simple Bell Pepper, Peas Pasta

kids_pasta 023

The kiddo loves pasta as far as I can remember.  We have been to many a long trips, functions, picnics etc carrying a bowl of pasta knowing a fall back option in case he does not eat anything else. But the caveat has been that eats the boiled pasta as is without any flavorings like tomato sauce, cheese or any vegetables in it. My worry had been more about the later than the former; hence I was on lookout for adding veggies that would appeal to him and also be nutritious. That is when the idea of adding onion and capsicum came in. 

The idea of adding onion and bell pepper to the pasta was an accidentally discovery. Few days ago, when we had been to our favorite joint Chipotle, for lunch he had his usual rice, black bean and corn combination. On that particular day the fajitas were very well done. Taking my chances I offered him little bit of their fajitas and he seemed to loved the taste of it.  So from that day on, I have been adding the combination of onion and pepper to other dishes as well including this pasta. 

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Jowar Bhakri/Sorghum Dosa


Jowar is an Indian name for Sorghum. Sorghum is gluten-free diet and is good in treatment of celiac disease and wheat allergies. It keeps bones and teeth healthy giving energy to the body. It also maintains the health of heart, controls diabetes, arthritis and weight of the body. (Health Benefits of Sorghum).

The most famous Indian flatbread made out of Jowar is Jolada Rotti. This is an unleavened flatbread, delicious, nutritious but tricky to make. Unlike the regular wheat flour chapathis, Jowar is gluten free, hence difficult to retain shape while rolling of the dough. Of course, it requires good practice and experience. My mom makes very good jowar Rotti and she serves it along with garlic chutney and Jhunka, the combination is simply mouth watering.

I have tried making them many times, but it is difficult to roll them thin and yet maintain its shape. So instead I make these Jowar Thalipeeth which my MIL makes often. Thalipeeth is a Marathi word for Multi grain pancake which also consists of onions, chilleis, cilantro etc.

The process of making these Rottis are very similar to Akki Rotti, the rice flour pancake. One can pat the prepared jowar dough directly over the pan; this requires good practice and care needs to be taken to see that the pan is not hot.  I follow another method in which the Roti dough is patted on to a shape of circle on a plastic cover/aluminum foil. I then transfer the prepared circled dough onto the hot tava. I feel this method gives more flexibility as it is easy to control the shape and the thickness of the “Rotti”. Either way they are nutritious!

These are served along with chutney and a dollop of ghee or butter on the side.

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